Being a VIP is very nice in every situation; you’re allowed to go where the majority of people will never come. I didn’t hesitate a second when my friend Rajia Bibi told me she was going to visit Geneva to spec her 488 Pista and could provide me with VIP access to the Ferrari stand.

Photography: Max Lammers

Is the 488 Pista worth the hype?

100% yes. The 488 Pista is an incredible car with incredible numbers; 711 bhp, 770 Nm at 3000 rpm, 1280 kg (2822 lb). The car industry is heading to a point where regularly cars have specifications that hypercars of 15 years ago would be very jealous of. Two 488 Pista’s were on display: a red and silver one. The red colour (launch spec) really enhances the lines of the car. It featured the standard wheels but had the race interior: racing harness, no floor mats and the carbon fiber package.

The silver one had the popular carbon-fiber wheels and a bit more daily-usable interior. Excluding the racing harness of course. But if you are really going to use this car on the track the racing harness is a must. My favorite part of the 488 Pista is the combination between function and form. The rear wing, for instance, is a piece of art but also helps to add 20% aero effficiency compared to the 488 GTB. The side air intake is not divided in two parts anymore. Instead of the air intake on the standard 488, all air goes straight to the intercooler. The engine is getting cooled by little air intakes just in front of the ducktail.

What if I want a gold 488 Pista with a purple stripe?

The answer is: spend a bit more money and go Tailor Made. The ability to personalise your Ferrari in every little detail is quite frankly amazing. You can spend days, if not weeks or months on deciding which spec you are ordering your new Ferrari in. There are dozens of paint colours, interior materials and shades of carbon fiber available. As smart as they are, Ferrari parked a Tailor Made Grigio Squalo 488 GTB in the Atelier to show customers what certain materials will look like in real life. The car had matt black roof and Italian Tricolore details on the front bumper, wing mirrors, engine bay, seats and steering wheel. Instead of the regular Ferrari badges this one had the painted examples. The interior was a sight to behold as well; the racing seats, carbon fiber package and metal flooring were the most notable options.

Rajia decided to have a go on the configurator and finished off with a metallic black example with a matte black stripe which features a red stripe. She picked the carbon rims (they are 40% lighter than the standard one) and red callipers. The interior has the same theme: comfy seats, regular red seatbelts and the carbon package. The combination of black and red really fits the aggressiveness of the car, check it out for yourself.r

Thanks to Rajia for bringing me along!

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