The legendary Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 250 GT SWB on display.

The legendary Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 250 GT SWB on display.


Autoworld Brussels is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Ferrari with a fabulous line up of cars, like the 250 GT SWB, Testarossa’s and of course an F40. The museum is located in a fantastic hall in the middle of the city which I enjoyed walking through with my friend David and our writer Maxim!

I could easily write an enormous article where I would describe all little details of some of the cars, but that would take me a couple of days to set up. That’s why I’ve picked a top 5 unique Ferraris present, randomly ordered.

70 Style Icons F12berlinetta
An outstanding blue paint job on this 70 Style Icons F12berlinetta. The cars’ livery is based on the 1956 250 GT Berlinetta Scaglietti with chassis #0557GT. This 250 was one of the few competition Berlinetta’s produced by Ferrari. The car used to belong to Marquis Alfonso de Portago, a Spanish racing driver who won the 1956 Tour de France endurance race. Ferrari launched this configuration, and 69 others at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016.



Ecurie Francorchamps 250 GT SWB
The SWB (Short Wheel Base) version of the notorious 250 series is pure art on wheels, a real museum piece. Especially this particular model, which was owned by the Belgian racing team Ecurie Francorchamps. The team was founded by racing driver Jacques Swaters in the early 1950s and even competed in the Formula One for two years. All their racing cars were in similar liveries; grey with yellow details, like the famous vertical yellow stripe. With so much history going on, this car is valued around €10.000.000!



328 Conciso One-Off
Something I had never seen before, a one-off based on a 1986 328 GTS. The Conciso is hand built by the German coach-builder Michalak Design and should be worth around €100.000. The current owner bought the car back in 1999 and it’s still in the original conditions. Michalak Design actually wanted to build a handful of examples but for some reason they only produced one. It must be a real occasion to drive this striking machine on some backroads and become one with all the elements!



Ferrari Sergio
You’ll either hate it or love it. The Ferrari Sergio is a limited production car inspired by the Sergio Pininfarina concept. The concept car was unveiled by Ferrari in 2013 as a tribute to Sergio Pininfarina who was one of the most important designers for Ferrari. Only six were made and it uses the magnificent V8 from the 458 Speciale. This yellow example (said to be the first one built) is currently for sale in The Netherlands for a whopping €4.300.000!



The three GTO’s
If I were to pick just one reason why you should visit this exhibition, than it’s this one. We casually walked to the upper floor and we were welcomed by all Gran Turismo Omologato’s; the 250 GTO, the 288 GTO and the 599 GTO. Something I’d never expected! It was actually the first 250 GTO I had ever laid eyes on and it’s just like the SWB, pure art on wheels. It’s hard to understand these cars were raced hard back in the days, because they look so fragile. The 599 GTO that was present is currently owned by the President of the Ferrari Club Belgio Nicola d’Aniello.



The show was definitely worth visiting. This exhibition is open for public till the 3rd of September.


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