The first car event of the year and a pretty unbeatable one to say the least. Interclassics Maastricht is a well-organized event with special vehicles all over the place: the Alfa Romeo 8C (1932), two F40s and the one-of-six Ferrari Sergio just to name a few. I’ve picked three personal favourites, all of them which I had never seen before.

Photography: Max Lammers

1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 3200

I have to admit it’s kind of strange to start a Ferrari related article with an Alfa Romeo but this one is so close to my heart. It’s the first time the famous Scuderia shield were used on a car. This 8C was one of the three cars produced specially for the Mille Miglia of 1932. It sadly didn’t raced the Mille Miglia but competed in 24 hours of Spa organized that same year. The reason why this 8C is so special is a particular moment in its history. Just before getting ready for the race, one of the financiers asked Enzo Ferrari to place the prancing horse that used to be on his killed son’s airplane on the car. This is basically the birth of one of most famous automotive logos ever existed. Very cool to have seen this car in the flesh.

1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB

This particular example was bought by the Italian racer Eduardo Lualdi in 1961. Lualdi used the car in many races and hill climbs all across Europe. After being sold for a few times, the car ended up with an owner from Milan. When he passed away his daughter inherited the car. For some reason she didn’t really cared a lot and wanted to sell it at some point. She then found out the car was stolen… When most parts were found years later they decided to rebuild it. The car has been a part of a Dutch collection for over 30 years now and is often used on track days at Zandvoort and Goodwood.

1990 Ferrari F40 LM (kit)

Any car show should have an F40 and this one had two. One was a regular Rosso Corsa example but the other one was a black F40 with LM kit and immediately caught my eye. I asked the seller about the car and he explained to me it used to be a regular F40 but was changed into LM spec on request of its previous owner. That guy owned an F40 LM but wanted to drive it on the road. He purchased a regular F40 and sent it to Michelotto who then converted the car into LM spec. It was resprayed in Nero Daytona, and the famous LM wing, skirts and front splitter were added. Even the whole hood of the car was replaced by an LM example. Great to have seen this car!

Thanks to Bodie from Real Art On Wheels for arranging access to the show and providing the trunk of a C63 AMG Black Series to stow my jacket and bag in while exploring all the goodies present!

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