Ferrari Finali Mondiali perfectly describes what Ferrari stands for as a company and carmaker.

Their passion

The previous world record of most-Ferraris-on-a-track-at-the-same-time dates back to 2012. Silverstone was then filled with 964 Ferraris moving at the same time. Now, 4 years later, the American Ferrari community gave it a shot and they succeeded. The exact number hasn’t been confirmed yet, but multiply owners told there were around 1200 Ferraris. Not only the usual Ferraris like the California T and 458 Italia joined the huge parade. Pure legends like the Enzo and 250 Testa were also present.

This Finali Mondiali was filled with special moment and world records. It was the first time a North America race track had been picked to organize it. It was also the first time you could see F1 cars on the 31 –degree NASCAR banks. Only in games like GranTurismo 6 is where you can drive an F1 car on the oval-track. Until now. Ferrari made this weird thought reality by giving the most loyal customers a go on the 2.5 mile (4 km) track.

The generosity

500th Ferrari LaFerrari

To help Italian citizens rebuild their villages after the horrible earthquakes last summer, Ferrari decided to build an extra LaFerrari. It has been auctioned off yesterday for an astonishing $7 million. The money will be used to help the victims. Not only their cars are amazing, Ferraris loyalty to the Italian people is something no other company has ever done. It’s amazing to see how many lives will change because of the generosity of Ferrari.

Some spectators told there were over 20 LaFerraris. There were five F60 Americas, an insane amount of F12tdf’s, XX-cars and the casual 488s, California T’s and F12s. It’s starting to become a big dream to once visit the Finali Mondiali. What was your favourite moment of the 2016 Ferrari Finali Mondiali?

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