What do you do when it’s rainy outside but you want to organize a Ferrari meeting? You park all the cars inside. That’s exactly what happened at a Ferrari meeting in the Dutch city Alphen a/d Rijn.

Diederik Lieftink, a Dutch photographer, invited me over to this exciting meet which took place in an old warehouse partly dating back from the late 1880’s. It’s about to be demolished to create place for a much more modern garage. I hope they’re going to organize more little events when the new garage is finished in April 2018.

I arrived simultaneously with a Rosso Corsa 458 Italia at the location. The sound produced by the 4.5L V8 is so recognizable and the Pininfarina designed body just won’t get old. The car drove into the warehouse and parked alongside a 2006 Blu Tour de France F430 Spider and a 2007 grey F430 Spider. Both Spiders were in mint condition by the looks of it but if I had to pick one, I’d go for the blue one. The paint job is magnificent in combination with the tan leather interior. A similar coloured soft top appears when you put the roof up, which is in many ways very rare. In fact, most F430 Spiders were delivered with a black soft top.

Another beauty that turned up was a manual 360 Spider from 2001. The owner was brave enough to drive the car with its top down, while it was pouring down with rain. The 360 Spider was the twentieth road-going convertible from Maranello and its coupe-bodied brother, the 360 Modena, was named after the Italian city Modena, where Enzo Ferrari was born. I fell in love with manual Ferraris in August when I got to ride shotgun in an F40 and an F50. Then, in October we spent a day with a manual 360 Modena. The thing with manual cars is that you feel more connected with the car while shifting. The cling-clang sounds so much more mechanical compared to the F1-flappy-pedal-gearbox.

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