Are you tired of the cold weather, just like us? Enjoy this one-of-one Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Beach Car by Felber and Michelotto while we wait for summer to arrive.

Photography: Scuderia Ferrari Club Berna

The urge to drive a Prancing Horse off-road isn’t new. Ferrari announced the Purosangue, the marque’s first SUV last year, and I earlier explained why Ferrari participated in rally championships. Today, we are taking a look at the unique Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Beach Car by Felber.

The building of the beach car started in 1972 when Swiss car manufacture Willy Felber received an enquiry for a shooting brake version of the Ferrari 365 GTC/4. The car was made in collaboration with Giovanni Michelotti, who, among other activities, converted street Ferrari into rally Ferraris and racing Ferraris. The chassis and driving technology remained the same, but the car received a whole new body, sporting a tailgate with a separately opening rear window, finish in a brown paint job with white roof.

The car was first shown at the 1976 Geneva Motor Show. Story goes, they dismantled the body after they received an inquiry for a 365 Beach Car. The body, without doors and roof and cut down sill, was placed onto the Shooting Brake’s chassis and presented again a year later in a white paint job. Sadly, there’s little information available about the car.

The engine, chassis and suspension remained the same, meaning the Colombo V12 pushed out about 335 bhp. The car currently resides in Switzerland and has been repainted in a gold paint job.

Willy Felber was no stranger to odd coach-building. It all began in 1974 with the FF, standing for Felber Ferrari. The car was based on a damaged Ferrari 330 GTC and was inspired by the 125 S and 166. Michelotti made a copy of the car and this was the first time the two worked together on a project.

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