The 488 Pista is the fourth generation in Ferraris’ so called V8 Sport Special Series. But first, let’s dive into the history of this outstanding segment and figure out why the Pista is so special.

But first, a bit of history

It all started in the early stages of this century. Ferrari offered clients the Fiorano Handling Package for their 550 and 599. This additional package added lowered suspension, better brakes and faster steering. In 1999 the 360 Modena was revealed and Ferrari felt like it wasn’t a real Ferrari. Compared to the F355, it looked kind of dull.

So what Ferrari did is they took the 360 Challenge and converted into a road-going car: the Challenge Stradale, standing for road-challenging, was born. The car had a roaring V8 pushing out 420 bhp and that made a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) possible.

Then came the 430 Scuderia

Ferrari felt like the V8 Sport Special Series was indeed something special so they did the same with the successor of the 360 Modena. This time, Ferrari converted the road-going F430 into a more-racier car, which meant it was less stiffer and less racier than the Challenge Stradale. It still was a race car for the roads but driving through a crowded area is more pleasant in the Scuderia than in a Challenge Stradale.

The suspension is less stiffer, the seats are a bit more comfortable and unlike the first few Challenge Stradale’s it had electric windows instead of sliding windows. The V8 in the 430 Scuderia produced 510 bhp and had a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph).

The third generation V8 Sport Special Series

Time flies when you’re having fun: the 458 Speciale celebrates its fifth birthday this year. The Speciale is the race-version of the 458 Italia from 2009 (the last Ferrari with a non-turbocharged V8). More options were available, just to make the 458 Speciale an almost daily-drivable car. There was even a carbon-fibre package you had to tick when assembling your ultimate Speciale spec.

If you would put the Challenge Stradale against the 458 Speciale you will find out the CS is a rawer beast than the Speciale is. Ferrari managed to tune the V8 to 605 bhp. The top speed was set at 330 km/h (205 mph).

Why the Ferrari 488 Pista is special

To start off, it has a whopping additional 106 bhp and the top speed is said to be higher than 340 km/h. The base car, the 488 GTB dry weighs 1,544 kg (3,404 lb). The 488 Pista? 1,280 kg or 2,822 lb (dry). That’s a weight loss of 264 kg (582 lb)! It’s not even logical to compare it to the 458 Speciale so let’s take the LaFerrari as a comparison. The Ferrari hypercar dry weighs 1,255 kg (2,767 lb).

Just weeks before the launch of the 488 Pista it was rumoured it could be faster than the LaFerrari around Pista di Fiorano, Ferraris racetrack. The LaFerrari features KERS and other small aerodynamic spoilers and flaps, but so does the 488 Pista. Will it be quicker than the LaFerrari? Time will tell. We’re very excited to hear the Pista di Fiorano track time of the 488 Pista. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the car with the official pictures.

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