Londoner Rajin Mehta managed to find a gap in his busy schedule to show photographer Khalid Bari and myself around his classy 488 Spider. We met up in a garage with some other cool cars and when we all arrived, Rajin started the car, but then, this happened…

Photography: Khalid Bari and Max Lammers
Words: Max Lammers

Fixing a flat battery in the middle of London

When he pressed the infamous START ENGINE button on the Blu Carbon steering wheel, nothing happened, you just heard a quiet beeping sound. The sound you don’t want to hear when you’re about to take out one of the most unique 488 Spiders to come out of Maranello. It was the sound of a flat battery..

Rajin immediately jumped in his other car to get a portable car charger from HR Owen Ferrari. When he came back and tried to jump-start the car, nothing happened. We tried a few more times, but the car kept beeping and showing all sorts of warnings. At some point, we even got a warning the airbags weren’t activated. He then called the road service, but they took around three hours before showing up. Luckily, the guy who eventually arrived knew what he was doing, the turbocharged V8 came to life when Rajin pressed the button once again. The rainy weather cleared up as well, so after a quick shoot in the garage, we drove to some other locations.

Typical British scenes

I then jumped in the passenger seat and we followed Khalid in his car towards the first outside location. The location was rather sketchy, but pictures turned out great. Blu Pozzi is one of the hardest colours to capture, especially when the surroundings aren’t letting any light coming through.

Unfortunately, it was still raining but we managed to find a very nice looking mew. Mews are basically a row of houses that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries and had their carriages houses (turned into garage spaces later on) below. Rajin parked up the car and the shots I took are definitely among my favourite ones of the whole trip. It’s a very recognizable London atmosphere, with a one-of-a-kind 488 Spider in the middle of it. Pictures shown below are taken by commercial photographer Khalid Bari.

Although we didn’t spent a lot of time outside, the power of the car was noticeable whenever Rajin put his foot down. The turbocharged engine is still debatable among diehard Ferrari fans, but it does sound really good. Ferrari did a great job with the sound of the engine. It was a shame it was pouring down with rain, otherwise he could have done some more accelerations. The potential of this car is incredible, I cannot wait to get in a 488 Pista to see what that monster is all about.

Two-tone exterior and blue carbon

Let’s talk about the configuration of the car. Rajin is the first owner of the car which he directly acquired from HR Owen Ferrari. Mainstream colours like red, yellow or black aren’t really his thing, so he knew it had to be something special. He had always been a big fan of two-tone cars, but it persuade him to actually get a two-tone 488 Spider when he saw a picture of a dark blue 250 GT California Spider (pictured above).

The main body colour is Blu Pozzi and the roof is finished in Argento Nurburgring. He knew Blu Pozzi was one of the cheaper colours, so he could go crazy with the other colour. And he did, because it cost him around 7.000 pounds to get the roof finished in this beautiful shade of silver. Parts such as the front splitter and both air-intake-dividers are made out of carbon. Although it’s a real unique car, it wasn’t enough for Rajin, so he added a coloured variant of the interiors’ carbon package. He went with blue, an option that set him back around 16.000 pounds. I have to say, it’s a bold choice but it looks incredible in daylight.

Thanks to Rajin Mehta for bringing his car out and thanks to Khalid Bari for joining the shoot.

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