When Ferrari presented the 599 GTB at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006 the world was shocked. Its predecessor, the 575M Maranello, had a power output of just over 500 bhp. This new V12-flagship car had 620 bhp. To this date, this is still one of the biggest improvements in the history of Ferrari!

Photography: Max Lammers

The owner (@slowrabit1) picked me up at Sloane Street. I saw him heading towards me and I waved to him just like anyone else would to stop a taxi. Pretty funny to see all the weird faces while getting in the Ferrari 599 GTB. You’re greeted by quite a big interior with an amazing view out of the front window of the massive hood where the powerful V12 is placed. I could easily store my bag and jacket behind the seats which would make it a great car to use on a road trip.

Sharing the passion

Driving through London with a super car is a complete different experience than driving it through a country side. You get a lot of people pointing at the car. All the spotters are trying to get the right angles. One of my favorite things to witness were little boys looking at the car. They’re shocked by what had just drove past. This particular Ferrari 599 GTB is finished in the famous Rosso Corsa paint, so even non-car enthusiast can tell it’s a Ferrari.

This particular 599 GTB has got the HGTE package (Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione). This package improves a lot of things compared to the standard car like the stiffer springs and a better sport mode with faster shifts. The car has also been lowered which resulted in better grip around corners. Compared to the standard 599, the HGTE is a lot richer in terms of carbon fibre, especially in the interior. The most obvious visual change are the standard wheels that came with the package. These are 20 inch wheels specially made for the 599 GTB HGTE. Around 900 cars were delivered with the HGTE package, making it a pretty rare car.

Thanks to @slowrabit1 I got to experience this front V12 grand tourer first hand. I’ve always been a fan of this set-up and like Enzo Ferrari once said: “I married the V12 engine, and I never divorced it.”

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