The cockpit of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is simply stunning. And stripped out.

The cockpit of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is simply stunning. And stripped out.


After the brief 458 Speciale ride together with Rajia Bibi I was really excited to experience what its predecessor, the 430 Scuderia, would be like. These cars were unquestionably not built to drive through a city like London, but they both handled traffic very well.

I met up with @slowrabit1, also the owner of the 599 HGTE GTB I had a ride in just before the Scuderia. We drove to his underground garage to store his 599 and switch to the 430 Scuderia. He actually threw me the keys of the car to move it away so he could park the 599 on the same parking spot. I think I asked him three times if he was being serious with me. ‘’Yes, sure go ahead!’’ he told me. Still being shocked of what just happened I got into the car which was already running. I gently put my foot down and parked the car somewhere else. You can say what you want, but I actually drove a Ferrari! Sadly, I had to hand over the keys over to @slowrabit1 again.



We drove out of the garage and were heading to London central. But not before some insanely high speed bumps were interrupting our drive. A Land Rover Defender drove behind us and at some point the driver was so fed up with us driving carefully he overtook us at a ridiculous speed, which was actually pretty funny. The first location of this shoot was at the entrance of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, an accommodation where they take care of British Army veterans.

The second location is often used for car photoshoots, but it’s too good to ignore. We parked up the car and some spotters asked if they could take some pictures as well. I obviously told them they could, because in my opinion these cars were created to share and without others you can’t enjoy them like they should be enjoyed. The 430 Scuderia is a real stripped out car, so there’s no radio, no carpets, no leather door panel (like the F430) and as a passenger you get a fire extinguisher in front of you. This thing literally takes up around 25% of leg space. These small touches make the 430 Scuderia without doubt one of my favorite Ferraris ever build.



So, what is the 430 Scuderia like compared to the 458 Speciale? The 430 is definitely more hardcore and stiffer than the 458 Speciale. The Speciale has got more power and you can certainly feel that when the driver put its foot down, but if you’re looking to buy a racer for the streets, the 430 is the perfect option.

The 430 Scuderia was unveiled by legendary racing driver Michael Schumacher in 2007 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. As the successor of the Challenge Stradale the Scuderia had a hell of job to surpass it. As a matter of fact, the Challenge Stradale was developed from the 360 Challenge car while the Scuderia has been developed from the F430. I still have to experience a Challenge Stradale, but I can imagine it’s a true race car for the streets.

Massive thanks to @slowrabit1 for taking me out in two of his toys: the 599 HGTE GTB and the 430 Scuderia. Check out more pictures of this shoot over here.


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