Toby (@TbyDriver) has always been a big Ferrari fan, so when he purchased his first Ferrari, a 458 Italia, three years ago, his dream came true. Last year he added a Tailor Made 488 GTB to his garage, and recently sold his 458 for his upcoming 812 Superfast. Exciting times to say the least, but why is he such a big fan of the prancing horse?

Words and photography: Max Lammers

Why Ferrari?

Like every other young kid, Toby also dreamt of one day owning a super car. He set a goal when he was 15: to own a Ferrari before the age of 30 (he only missed it at 31!). I asked Toby about his passion for Ferrari and he explained there’s basically nothing better on the market. ‘’Porsches may drive extremely well, but don’t have the same style as a Ferrari. Lamborghinis are extravagant and wild, while Ferraris are elegant and precise. Nothing engages the driver as Ferraris do. And driving is my main pleasure.”

The reason why Toby bought a 488 GTB in Nero Daytona with yellow details is pretty funny as well. He explained, “When people first hear I have a Ferrari, they always sigh and say, “I bet it’s red! So I always say NO…. it’s black of course!” Toby went on to explain he loves them in red but loves people’s reactions to other colours more. Toby’s 488 was a tailor made to his exact spec with custom black additions and yellow details. As a product designer himself he has a eye for details. It’s not overdone, but could still be the personal car of Batman’s Italian cousin.

Toby’s current goal is to one-day park a LaFerrari in his garage. Although he loved spending time around the Enzo at Simon Furlonger (more on that soon), his heart goes out to the LaFerrari. It’s the current pinnacle of the brand and a real turning point in their history.

Rare Lamborghinis and photographing a 458 Speciale

The reason I met up with Toby, apart from spending the whole day in a 488 GTB, was to visit some local collections and dealerships. Sadly it was pouring down with rain, so we couldn’t take out any of the cars we would visit.

Our first stop was VVS, which is a Lamborghini specialist based in Cranbook. Bear with me before we take a look at their 458 Speciale, it’s definitely worth mentioning some of their current Lamborghini’s. They had four Murcielago SV’s, special edition Gallardo’s such as the Super Trofeo and three Perfomante’s, various special editions of the Huracán such as the Avio and Spyder. Among the modern cars, a Countach and Diablo were parked at the back of the showroom.

After wandering around the showroom for an hour, Toby managed to get the guys replace the Gallardo Performante for the 458 Speciale. This example is finished in the magnificent Rosso Corsa complemented by black racing strips and grey wheels. As one would expect with the Speciale, the interior was totally stripped out. Who needs floor mats during a track day anyway? What you definitely need are the seats that seem the fit everyone and the racing harnesses that will keep you in place. Can’t imagine what a blast it would be to drive one of these around the track.

Part two of our day will be posted in two days’ time. Make sure to stay tuned. Thanks to VVS for their hospitality and showing us around the showroom.

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