During last week’s tour of the Ferrari Club Alphen I got to be a passenger of this Grigio Ferro Metallizzato Ferrari F12berlinetta and it got me wondering: is the F12 the ultimate all-rounder? I think it just might be..

Photography: Diederik Lieftink and Max Lammers

Is it daily usable?

During the tour I got to chat with the owner of the car about his ownership experience. He bought the car in January 2018 and has put over 6000 kilometres (3728 miles) on the clock. Around half of that amount was from a trip to Sweden. He even gets groceries with the car, which obviously shows you can use the F12berlinetta as a daily driver. I can conclude the same from my little experience as a passenger of the car. At low speeds and normal accelerations it feels just like any car, there’s not a lot engine noise in the cabin and the luggage space is surprisingly big.

But, what if you put your foot down?

That’s when the other side of the car begins to show its face, it’s a bit bipolar in a sense. When you start accelerating properly it builds up speed like nothing I had experienced before. The passenger display adds even more thrill to the occasion because you can see speed adding up right in front of you. Remember Ferrari revealed the car in 2012 and it’s already been replaced by the 812 Superfast, so it’s relatively old.

The F12 was the most powerful car of the whole tour (we had a 360 Modena, 360 Spider, 458 Italia and 458 Spider with us). This was even more noticeable when the group got a bit of space to accelerate. We, in the F12, had to wait for a bit till the 360 Spider in front of us made some room. But when the driver put his foot down and got from 65 km/h (40 mph) to 145 km/h (90 mph) in just under four seconds, I realized it can be so much more than just a daily driver.


I honestly think the F12berlinetta could be a great track toy, the grip and handling both felt amazing from the passenger seat. Cannot wait to have my first go in one. To conclude, this is probably the best all-rounder money can buy. There’s enough luggage space, comfort and visibility to use it daily. Enzo Ferrari once said he wants the driver to sh*t his pants when he steps on the gas and it’s true. Put your foot down and the car shows a whole different purpose.

Thanks to the owner for letting me drive shotgun during the second tour of the Ferrari Club Alphen. Very excited for the next tour of this little group of crazy enthusiasts.

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