Driving along in a Ferrari F40 was beyond my wildest dreams.

Driving along in a Ferrari F40 was beyond my wildest dreams.


I remember preferring my F40-based-toy-car over all the other ones when I was a little boy. To have been in one for a ride is, of course, beyond my wildest dreams!

In an era where all cars are super technological and have all kinds of devices to keep the car on the road, it’s so much fun to go 30 years back in time and experience what a hypercar of the 80s feels like. Because, let’s be honest, the F40 is the LaFerrari of its time. It was revolutionary in every way possible; the first production car that could reach 200 mph (324 km/h) and it was one of the first cars using a carbon tube. The F40 was also the last car Enzo Ferrari personally approved, making the car even more special.



So, what’s it like to finally get a ride in your absolute dream car? Kind of scary at first, because you hope the car won’t disappoint but also fulfil all of your expectations. To start, you obviously need to get in the car. And that’s quite a err.. technique thing to do. To start, I gave my bag and camera to the owner @tipozerofourzero so I could climb into the car. You need to put your left leg over the large lip of the carbon tube. Next, aim right for the seat and just hope for the best. It’s a low car so especially for someone my height it can be a pain in the ass getting in and out all the time.

One of the things the F40 makes so notorious is the turbo lag. Turbo lag is the time between putting your foot down and the moment the turbo smashes in. In modern cars it’s perfectly refined but without any help of computers the engine takes a while time to create enough exhaust pressure to spin the turbo. The easiest way to experience turbo lag is when the engine is in low-rpm. Ever since I found out what turbo lag is, I wanted to experience it. It’s hard to explain what the car does, but when the driver puts his foot down the car accelerates around 40% of its capability until the turbo comes in. The 100% is accessible around 3 seconds after the driver stepped on the gas.



Driving on the highway with one of the most iconic cars ever build makes you feel like a rock star. Just look at a random car and you see cameras and iPhones being held up high just to get a picture of the car. Since the F40 is finished in red paint, everyone knows it’s a Ferrari. Some design parts are so recognizable, like the spoiler, the pop-up headlights and the triple-exhausts, which makes it even harder to not recognize it as a prancing horse.

When we got to the photoshoot location, we decided to park the F40 on the grass. Even @tipozerofourzero was impressed by how good the car looked on the green surface. While taking pictures of the F40, I realised how beautiful this car actually is, I wouldn’t change a thing about its design. Everything seems to be right. Enough of me drooling over my favorite car, please enjoy the pictures I took that day.

Thanks to @tipozerofourzero for making one of my biggest dreams come true!


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