According to the nine awards the Ferrari 458 Spider received when it debuted, it’s one of the best cars of the early 2010s. I can now FULLY understand why… allow me to explain.

Photography: Max Lammers

To Spider or not to Spider

Convertibles have never been my favourite type of Ferrari. I spent a significant amount of time in an F430 Spider and there’s just too much wind noise to have a proper conversation, plus it can get chilly fairly quickly (depending where you are) if you don’t turn on the heater. A day in the Ferrari 458 Spider drastically changed my mind. Having no roof over my head the whole day made me feel so much more connected to the outside world as we drove through picturesque Dutch villages and hilly forest roads.

The initial plan was to take some pictures of the car and carry on with my day. The owner, who is also one of the founders of a local Ferrari club, had other plans. He wanted to drive the whole route for an upcoming tour of the club. I didn’t stand in the way of his plans for a second because this meant I could spend my whole day in the passenger seat of a 458. Who would say no to that?

Exploring the countryside

We took off and the owner wasn’t shy about putting all 570 horses on the tarmac. A Maserati tailing us had a hard time keeping up. We took the scenic route through amazing parts of the western Netherlands, where we scared cows and cyclists before stopping for a nice lunch in Laren.

The three exhaust pipes (inspired by the F40) of Ferrari’s last naturally aspirated production Spider sounded heavenly, with their beautiful and instantly recognizable high-pitched scream.

The 458’s red line starts at 9000 rpm and gives you 7 gears to play with; there’s no doubt it must be a joy to drive. The driver began our journey with the infamous Manettino dial in sport. When I asked if he could switch it into race, I felt an instant change in the cars’ behaviour: up shifts were quicker, down shifts were more aggressive and the acceleration blew me away.

The first of many videos

Around five weeks ago, I started a degree in Creative Business at a university in Amsterdam. My favourite subject is Storytelling & Video, where I’ve become more familiar with editing in Premiere Pro. I uploaded a small video of my day in the Ferrari 458 Spider on YouTube. Please remember it’s only my fifth video and everything was filmed on my iPhone 8 Plus. Do let me know what you think of it or have tips or feedback!

Thanks to the owner for allowing me to join. I truly enjoyed and appreciated the car, our lunch, good conversations and the photo results.

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