It’s been a pretty long winter but the weather was finally on our side today. The Ferrari Club Alphen decided to set up a route through the countryside of the Netherlands and enjoy their prancing horses!

We met up at around 11 am this morning and after a cold drink I jumped into the car with Diederik Lieftink to join the Ferrari Club Alphen on one of their drives. We were joined by five Ferrari’s: a manual 360 Spider, an F430 Spider, a California, a 458 Italia and an F12berlinetta. The 360 Spider drove in front of the rest and we left the city of Alphen aan den Rijn, not really unnoticed. Everywhere you looked were people with their phones out to capture the small group of Italian cars. It’s great to see so many people enjoying the cars, pointing at them and smiling when one of them decides to accelerate a bit.

We drove for an hour, or so, when we arrived at a ferry to cross the river De Lek. Getting five Ferrari’s onto a ferry is funny to witness, but driving a car with just a tiny bit of ground clearance is not something I’d like to do. Luckily, many of them had their lift system up.


When we arrived at the other side of the river, we really hit the countryside. It’s funny, you often don’t realize how beautiful the Netherlands can be, especially with five prancing horses in front of you. After an hour we arrived at the lunch location which was, nicely said, a bit chaotic. The restaurant didn’t got the reservation through which meant there were no reserved parking spaces. This caused a pretty big traffic jam. Might come as a surprise, but to park and perform U-turns on a so called dike in a wide supercar seems not to be the easiest thing in the world.

Luckily, everyone was able to safely park their car up and we went to the restaurant for lunch. They had a very nice and tasty looking menu, but I went for the traditional Dutch kroketten. Diederik and I finished our meals and we were offered the key of the F430 Spider, to drive a bit around while searching for a photoshoot location.

The drive

My first Ferrari experience was in a matte black F430 Spider, back in 2014, so I felt right at home. Diederik is a pretty skilled driver, meaning the occasional acceleration was safely executed. We found some sort of vineyard and parked the car up.

It’s an F430 Spider from 2006; finished in Tour de France Blu with a tan interior. In my opinion, it’s the perfect spec for the car, especially in this kind of weather. Although being quite dark-ish in the winter, it’s a sparkling colour in the summer. The V8 produces 490 bhp and delivers the most epic sound you can imagine. I had the opportunity to get some cool pictures, but don’t hesitate to check out @DiederikLieftink on Instagram for even better shots.

It’s so cool the be a part of the whole group and discussing a shared passion with the owners and people you meet throughout the day. Big thanks to the organisers for letting Diederik and I join their drive. The next drive is already planned so definitely stay tuned for more content from the Ferrari Club Alphen.

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