Around 20 years ago, when the Ferrari 360 Modena was introduced, the Italians delivered both manual and F1 transmissions. The majority wanted to feel like a Formula 1 driver, so many clients purchased the car with the F1 transmission. Nowadays, manual Ferraris are very popular and because of the rarity they are often more expensive than their siblings with the F1 transmission.

Photography: Max Lammers

Bodie Hage, owner of Real Art On Wheels, took us out in the car to shoot a video for our YouTube-channel. This Ferrari 360 Modena dates back from 2002 and is finished in the recognizable Rosso Corsa paintjob with silver wheels and a black interior. Very classic spec you would say and not even that rare. But what makes this car so desirable is its transmission. Only 469 360 Modena’s were sold with the 6 speed manual transmission, making it even more unique than the LaFerrari with only 500 examples.

We met up with Bodie in Alphen aan de Rijn, the place where it all started. Bodie was fashionable late because he went to buy typical Dutch gevulde koeken for us to enjoy with some coffee. We sat down while Bodie had to get some work done and we walked through his warehouse full of classic goodies. The Verde Pino 275 GTB/4 is definitely taking your breath away, but the blacked out 575M Maranello and of course the manual Ferrari 360 Modena are on another level as well. Bodie eventually came out of his office and we started recording the interview for our video. Bodie is such a passionate guy and loves talking about cars, especially classics.

The downsides of filming

After trying a few things, the interview was completed and it was time to move outside into the lovely (read: pouring with rain) Dutch weather. Very annoying if you want to shoot with expensive equipment. We drove off to the first location and were even accompanied by a group of cows who were very curious about the fast, red thing driving up and down the street. “The manual transmission makes driving this particular 360 Modena an even more fascinating experience. The feeling of gliding through the gears is something nothing can beat!’’

You can find Real Art on Wheels in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam since May 2017. Bodie managed to start a pop-up store in the middle of our capital. Still amazes me how many people would walk by and stop to take a peek inside. We drove from Alphen aan de Rijn to Amsterdam and we managed to take some decent rolling shots while at it. When we arrived in Amsterdam, Bodie parked up the 360 on the sidewalk for us to take some more pictures. We eventually left the place about an hour later when around 20 exciting kids surrounded the car, asked questions and were scared when Bodie revved the naturally aspirated V8 to around 3.000 rpm!

Similar as in London, you get a lot of turning heads while driving the car through the city. It was cool to see familiar places like the Rijksmuseum and the Concertgebouw from a different perspective than usual. Like you would expect, driving a Ferrari through a big and crowded city is not the smartest thing to do. Nonetheless a great experience and not the last collaboration between Real Art On Wheels and FerrariPhotoPage, so stay tuned!

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