The Ferrari 458 Speciale owned by my friend Rajia Bibi. How cool is her numberplate though..?!

The Ferrari 458 Speciale owned by my friend Rajia Bibi. How cool is her numberplate though..?!


HR Owen Ferrari has always been one of my favorite Ferrari dealers in the world. They have an incredible stock at any time in their showrooms around London. Rajia Bibi and I took her 458 Speciale to the showroom in South Kensington.

The actual plan of the day was to meet Rajia in her 488 Spider, but it had a flat battery. So, she picked me up in her black 458 Speciale. The car is finished in Nero Daytona with similar coloured wheels. All parts you can order in carbon, are indeed carbon and to make the car a bit more personal, Rajia added her own number plate DR13VEN. This particular example was built back in 2015 on behalf of Rajia herself, hence the plaque with her own name on it.

As we were driving towards HR Owen Ferrari, traffic started to get worse. At one time there were four busses blocking the road and you don’t want to be in a £250.000 supercar when that’s happening!



We arrived at HR Owen Ferrari and had a chat with salesman James. He told us there is going to be a new California launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. ‘’It’s still a convertible, but you can kind of compare it to some Aston Martins. The car will be more elegant than it ever was before.’’

Like I said before, HR Owen Ferrari always have an incredible stock with cars like the F40, a LaFerrari and the new GTC4Lusso T currently parked inside their South Kensington showroom. The main reason Rajia and I were visiting them at that exact moment was to meet with Helen Wakerley. She is the content creator/social media manager of HR Owen Ferrari. We got in touch around two years ago when HR Owen just started using Instagram.



There was a chill atmosphere in the showroom and they even let Rajia and me sit in their LaFerrari. It surprised me how comfortable the car was, although I can imagine changing these thoughts after a ride in one. The F40 parked next to the LaFerrari is a bit more special compared to other F40s. This particular example was displayed at the 1988 Earls Court Motor Show and was owned my Maranello Concessionaires as their official press car. It also went through the notorious Classiche certification. This was done by Tony Willis at their workshop in January 2013. There’s so much history of this F40 written down, it might be one of the most detailed ones around.

Thanks to thank Rajia Bibi, HR Owen Ferrari and Helen for their hospitality!


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