Sebastian Vettel is the winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2017! Wich means he has his second victory of 2017 in the pocket. Mercedes-man Lewis Hamilton was very quick at the end, but the German driver was first to cross the finishline!

 Ferrari had a good qualifying on Saturday. Seb set the third time and Kimi the fifth. Vettel had a good start as he passed Lewis Hamilton for second place. Kimi lost two places. ‘The Ice Man’ wasn’t happy in the rest of the race. At the end, the Fin came home fourth. Vettel was ‘on fire’ again. He was very quick in his stints on the softs and the super softs. Lewis Hamilton made a late stop for fresh softs. The man from Great Brittan set great times on his fresh tires, but in the end it was not enough to pass Vettel for the win!

The confidence has returned at Ferrari. Ferrari President Marchionne is happy and he looks forward to the rest of the season. ‘’We are now completely confident that our victory in Melbourne wasn’t just a one-off and that we will be at the forefront of this World Championship until the last”, said Marchionne.

“We finally have a competitive car to count on and it is important to recognise the speed with which we implemented the developments demanded for each new race.
“All this is the fruit of super work at the track and in Maranello, so my compliments are not just to Seb for his achievements in Bahrain, but also to the whole team.”

Ferrari lead the Drivers’ Championship with Seb, on 61 points, and the Constructors in which it has 102 points. This weekend was the third raceweekend of 2017. The next one is the Grand Prix of Russia, that will take place on the 30thof April.

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