Brazil always delivers a spectacular race, this year it was in the glorious sunshine, in hot conditions that caused some tyre issues. The many fans could enjoy a thrilling fight on track. In the end it was Vettel who finished on top, Bottas in 2nd and Kimi joining the Ferrari party on the podium!


Qualifying had only just begun and we had our first shock of the weekend, Hamilton crashed on his first run! The 4-time world champion made a mistake and was out of qualifying. No problems for the Ferrari crew. As they went into Q3, the chance of rain increased by the minute and a few drops could be seen on camera. On the first run Sebastian set the fastest time and pole was within reach. Hopes went even higher when it started to drizzle down on track. But somehow Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas managed to sqeeuze out a 58 thousands faster lap and he took the pole.

No rain in sight today, only perfect blue skies and sunshine. The track was hot and tyre wear unpredictable. This left some strategists worried, one pitstop? Maybe two? They would have to adapt during the race.

The start was brilliant at the front, Vettel dove on the inside of turn 1 and was in the lead. But there was drama when Magnussen, Vandoorne and Ricciardo were side by side in turn 2. The race ended instantly for Van and Mag, while Ricciardo recovered from a spin to P6! First lap drama continued when Grosjean lost the rear and collected Ocon on the way off. This ended the famous Oconsistency in a rather sad way, and was the first ever F1 retirement for the talented Frenchman. After the safety car Vettel managed the race, however it wasn’t easy when Bottas almost did a succesful undercut. Kimi followed in third. Max Verstappen couldn’t keep up today as he struggled with worn tyres, eventually doing another pitstop close to the end. Clearly the wrong setup for these temperatures.

Meanwhile Hamilton had no tyre problems and he found himself in the lead before finally pitting, he finished an impressive fourth and was awarded Driver of the day.
Both Ferrari drivers on the podium and a welcomed victory after so much struggles in recent GP’s. Forza Ferrari and in two weeks it’s the final race of the season, in Abu Dhabi!

Congratulations to ex-Ferrari driver Felipe Massa on a fantastic 7th place in his final home GP.

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