Sebastian Vettel finished second in today’s Grand Prix. Vettel was once again the best Ferrari-driver of the day. His teammate, Kimi Räikkönen, had an issue with his car, so the fifth place was the best he could do. Ferrari leaves China with 28 points in the championship.

All the drivers started the race with the intermediate tyres on because of the bad weather which made the track very wet. Seb and Kimi both had a good start which results in a 2nd and 4th place in the championship. Vettel made his first pit stop in lap 2. A few laps later Kimi arrived in the pits to change the intermediate tyres to soft tyres, just like Vettel did. Due the crash of Giovinazzi on the straight, there was a safety car on track for about 5 laps. After the safety car was removed from the track, Räikkönen drove on the 4thplace and Vettel on the 5th. They were both hold up by Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull. Speaking of Red Bull, Max Verstappen had an incredible race! He started on the 16th position and finished third which is an achievement many drivers could only dream about. Lewis Hamilton was the only obstacle left but the English driver was too fast for Sebastian.

On the other hand, Kimi Räikkönen wasn’t happy with the car.’ He wasn’t able to overtake both Red Bull drivers so he ended up on the 5th position.

Like everyone is saying, Ferrari is back. It was a pretty good weekend for the Italians and we hope they can achieve the same if not more in the next race: Bahrain. Can Ferrari beat the silver arrows in the dessert? Let’s hope so! Onto the next race!

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