It was a special moment in Barcelona last week. For the first time this year we saw the new F1-cars  on track. Ferrari did a very good job with theSF70H. The drivers completed 468 laps, equivalent to 2178,4 kilometers.

Sebastian Vettel drove the car on Tuesday which was the first day of testing. He drove a total of 128 laps and set 1.21,878 as his fastest time. Kimi Räikkönen made his debut in the car on Wednesday. He set the pace at 1.20,960 and drove 108 laps. On Thursday, Vettel drove the SF70H for the second time. He did a great job driving 139 (!) laps. His fastest time, 1.19.952, came in second behind Bottas in the Mercedes F1. ‘’The Ice Man’’ Kimi closed the first testing week on Friday. He was able to test the intermediates and full wets on the track thanks to its irrigation system.

The man from Finland was happy about the testing sessions and the team: ‘’What I can say is that the team has worked very well over the winter. Whether or not it will be enough, we cannot tell yet. I didn’t pay attention to what the other teams were doing, nor the lap times, because at this point, it means nothing. I’ve got the feeling that we learned some lessons from last year and at the moment, we can’t complain about how testing has gone so far. But before Melbourne, we have another week of testing and we still have a lot of work to do. More or less every year we know where we want to be and sometimes everything goes smoothly and other years less so.’’

The second tests sessions are starting today. Vettel will drive the car today and on Thursday and Kimi drives the car on Wednesday and Friday.

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