Time flies when you’re having fun. The latest race took place at the Sochi track in Russia and it was a pretty good GP for Ferrari. Although Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas won his first F1 GP, Ferrari showed the biggest concurrent giving up is not an option.

Ferrari was very fast the whole weekend. Vettel and Räikkönen set the pace on Friday and Saturday. They both took the front row in qualifying with just a time difference of 0.059 second. Bottas was able to overtake Vettel and Räikkönen at the start which eventually created a gap of around 6 seconds.

Bottas made his first stop in lap 27 of the race. He switched his ultrasofts for a fresh set of supersofts. Vettel drove into the pits a lot later mainly because his pace was very good and he was able to drive longer with his tires. When the German came back on track, the gap with Bottas was decreased to 4.5 seconds. Vettel was faster in the last 20 laps,  but it wasn’t enough at the end to defeat Bottas.

Räikkönen had a steady race but he wasn’t able to really challenge his teammate Vettel or Mercedes-driver Bottas. However, he finished in front of Lewis Hamilton and that’s a pretty good achievement as well. It was the first time since the Austria GP in 2016 Räikkönen ended on the podium.

Vettel still leads the Drivers’ Championship with 86 points after four races. In the Constructors Championship Mercedes has sadly passed Ferrari with a difference of just one point. The next race will take place in Spain on the 13thof May.

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