It was an epic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Both title contenders were fighting for the first place in the Spanish Grand Prix. Vettel wasn’t as quick as Hamilton which made it a pretty easy win for the Mercedes-driver. The gap between Vettel and Hamilton in the Drivers’ Championship is now six points.

Although Hamilton started from pole position, Vettel was able to overtake him and grabbed the first place till lap 46. We all know the Mercedes’s are probably the fastest cars on the grid, so with a little help from the DRS on the main straight, Hamilton caught up with Vettel. Sadly for us, Vettel wasn’t able to keep the Mercedes behind him and had to let him through which led to a victory for the English driver. Despite the fact Hamilton won, the audience mainly voted for Vettel as Driver Of The Day.

Räikkönen had a short race. He made contact with Bottas and Verstappen in the first corner leading to damage of his front axle. Funny enough, there was a little boy spotted on the grandstand who was quite disappointed with the exit of Räikkönen. Ferrari tracked him down and invited him over to the pit box to meet up with Räikkönen.

The next race of this years’ season is the Monaco GP! Are the Italians able to show us an excellent Grand Prix? We’ll find out on the 28th of May!

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