The British GP proves to be yet again a thrilling event – maybe not in the way Ferrari fans had hoped for, with great showings of racecraft. As expected, Mercedes dominates the Silverstone track and collisions, pit strategies and a safety car decide the race.

British GP Ferrari

A British GP of two halves for Ferrari

When the lights go out in Silverstone, Valtteri Bottas manages to keep and retain his position on Hamilton, while Leclerc defends P3 and Vettel overtakes Gasly for fifth. The race immediately heats up, as differentiated tyre strategies play a huge part. Haas immediately puts both cars out of the game, as they collide in the initial stages of the race.

Amazing duels ensue on track. Norris and Albon bring back the F2 nostalgia, and are involved in a consequence-free incident in the pit lane. The McLaren driver also battles with teammate Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo, while Gasly finally delivers in the top pack.

The true battle, however, happens at the front. Bottas and Hamilton light up the track by duelling for the lead. A few metres back, Leclerc and Verstappen reignite what seems to be the fight of the next generation of World Champions.

Safety car and shunts

What seemed to be a relatively predictable race completely transforms when the Safety Car goes out on track. Antonio Giovinazzi falls victim of a mechanic failure and slides into the gravel, with a truck deployed to get him. At this point, Valtteri Bottas had only just pitted, while luck smiles on Lewis Hamilton, who gets a free pit stop by being in the right place, at the right time. Sebastian Vettel temporarily salvages Ferrari’s failing strategy, by refusing to pit when told and eventually catching up with the Safety Car.

All to no avail, as a collision shakes up the race once again. Verstappen overtakes Vettel with his better performing Red Bull. The German, wanting to gift Ferrari a double podium at the British GP, immediately reacts. With a risky double change in his racing line, he tries to surprise Verstappen, but ends up hitting the rear. Both cars spin on the gravel, but Max is able to recover, while Sebastian pits again for a new front wing. From then on, falling back to P16 and receiving a (deserved) 10-second time penalty, all hope is lost for him.

The full race results are available here.

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