Ah yes, at last the day all of us thirsty Prancing Horse fans have been waiting for and the Scuderia sure quenched it for the Tifosi. Today, on the 15th of February 2019, Ferrari revealed their 2019 F1 single seater race car, dubbed the SF90 (Scuderia Ferrari 90).

Photography: Scuderia Ferrari

The number 90 is on occasion of this year being Scuderia Ferrari’s 90th Anniversary. The unveiling happened at a special press conference where the car rose up from beneath the ground as a rather epic soundtrack played in the background.

The car is rocking a brand new livery, featuring a now Rosso Matte paint job with black accents highlighting the familiar Mission Winnow logo on the engine cover and rear wing. The red paint seems to be slightly darker than last year’s car, the SF71-H, which had a much shinier Rosso finish. This theme looks quite mean and shows Ferrari really mean business this season.

As for the bodywork, the engineers at Maranello have had to make some changes due to the new 2019 FIA regulations. The first of the major changes being the increased width of the front and rear wing, up to 2000 mm and 1050 mm respectively. The front wing has also been simplified with the removal of excess winglets to allow closer racing between cars, which seemed to be a fairly pressing issue in the previous season as the top 3 teams would pull away from the rest easily. Weight is now up 10 kg from 733 kg to 743 kg.

In addition to this, the minimum weight for a driver has now been changed to 80 kg including equipment. Those drivers who do not reach this minimum must have a ballast fitted in the car to compensate. The power unit is still a 1.6-L V6 Hybrid motor which Ferrari claims has been tweaked to weigh less than before.

All this technical mumbo jumbo aside, the passion and heart of the Scuderia from the factory coupled with two very talented hungry drivers should prove to be a very strong line-up and will definitely take the fight to Mercedes in 2019. Sebastian Vettel, the 4 time world champion is determined to take back the championship from Lewis Hamilton. The Second driver is Charles Leclerc; the F1 rookie who has shown his talents in the Sauber last year and is anxious to prove himself worthy of the seat this season.

What do you think of the new car and its drivers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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