The 2019 German GP will be remembered as an all-time low Saturday for Ferrari, and Formula One’s redemption of the hybrid era. The Hockenheim podium sees Max Verstappen on top for the second time this year, Vettel following with a remuntada from P20 to P2 and Daniil Kvyat incredibly closing the trio. It’s safe to say this is a great day for the sport.

German GP Ferrari

Ferrari partially recovers at the German GP

The starting grid of the German GP saw Ferrari occupying unusual spots, after a disastrous, even embarassing qualifying. Charles Leclerc starts P10, while Sebastian Vettel closes the entire queue in P20. Track conditions immediately prove to be tricky, and give us a clue of what is about to go down.

Seven drivers in total were unable to complete the race, all involved in run-offs, crashes and various racecraft misjudgements. Pierre Gasly, Valtteri Bottas, Nico Hulkenberg, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez have added another DNF to their racing career. Among all the drivers making mistakes today, Lewis Hamilton certainly made the most, and had more to lose. The reigning champion closes the race just outside the top 10, scoring no points, falling victim to the same ghosts that seemed to haunt Vettel, who was errorless today.

The underdogs’ redemption

Many were the underdogs that proved their worth today, either blessed by strategy or by an amazingly cold temper. Alexander Albon, despite a late crash with Gasly, finishes sixth. His teammate Daniil Kvyat was without a seat in 2018, and was brutally sacked by RBR before. Now he’s on the podium, partnering no other than the very same guy putting him out of business a while ago. It’s a double points finish for Alfa Romeo and Haas, too, after months of struggle. Let’s just say: when the playing field is level, it shows. And it gives us true goosebumps.

The full and official race results are available here.

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