Michael Schumacher, always appreciated by the Ferrari fans turns 49 today! We want to go through the years he has spent with Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher is special to Ferrari and its fans. He brought Ferrari back to glory with his championships for the Maranello based team. A true racer in every way. Michael came to Ferrari in 1996 together with Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, who is back at Maranello to work together with Simone Resta his team on designing the 2018 Ferrari F1 car. The first season at Ferrari was a good one but not the one he hoped for. Michael finished third in the championship with wins in Barcelona, Spa and Monza.

In 1997 Schumacher was able to fight for the championship. The championship would be decided in the last race. Michael was three points ahead of Villeneuve in the championship when they got to the last race. In the end Michael tried to eliminate Villeneuve but it didn’t work. Villeneuve became champion. In 1998 McLaren’s Häkkinen was Schumacher’s biggest rival. McLaren won a lot of races at the beginning of the season but Ferrari never gave up and in the second part of the season Michael and Ferrari started winning races and at the last race Schumacher still had an outside chance of winning the championship. Luck wasn’t on Ferrari’s side again and after a very difficult Sunday for Schumacher, Häkkinen won the championship. The 1999 season was again a difficult season for Michael. At the race in Silverstone he broke his leg in a crash and couldn’t drive for a long time. His comeback came in the penultimate race of the season.

The 2000 season marked the start of a Ferrari domination for five years! Schumacher and Ferrari started the season of very well with three wins. In the middle of the season they had bad luck again and didn’t finish four races. Häkkinen had a chance of winning the championship but in Japan Schumacher made it stick and won his first championship with Ferrari. In the period of 2001 to 2004 Schumacher was unstoppable. In these four years he won thirtynine races with the team from Maranello. The period is also called the “Schumacher period”.

In 2005 it became clear Ferrari lost its domination with just one win in he took at the infamous Indianapolis GP. In 2006 it looked like Michael was going to win his eight championship but an engine faillure while he was leading the Japanese GP made it almost impossible to still win the championship. In Brazil Michael drove one of his best races in his career but he couldn’t stop Alonso from taking his second championship.

After the 2006 season Schumacher retired for the first time from F1. Räikkönen got the seat Schumacher left behind. All of this shows how Schumacher got Ferrari back into its old position because in 2007 Ferrari went on to win the championship again, this time with Räikkönen. Michael will always be in the hearts of the Ferrari fans for what he has done for Ferrari. #keepfightingmichael

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