We all know Ferrari is never totally satisfied with their products: they always want to better themselves. Probably the reason why they made the standard 1,050 bhp FXXK even more insane. I welcome you to the FXXK EVO: an absolute beast!

Making the FXXK even more extreme was definitely a hard job to succeed in. The FXXK was already a mind-blowing car with figures such as a power output of 1,050 bhp, 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just under 2,5 seconds and a starting price of €2,5 million. With the unveiling of the FXXK EVO Ferrari set a new benchmark in the world of high-end track weapons. As you may know, the Corse Clienti aren’t used for racing championships. They are developed to get even more better in championships such as Formula 1 and GTE. But when Ferrari has enough data to better a Corse Clienti car, they obviously go through with that. This is how Evo cars are made.

So, what are the FXXK Evo figures? There’s no information about the car whatsoever. But let’s talk about visual changes. The wing is most likely the biggest change. Instead of the two separate spoilers on the FXXK, there’s a regular one connected to a vin which is then connected to the roof of the car. This is one of the few cars on the current market that has really been shaped by the wind. This car is so aerodynamic. Even the front of the car has been redesigned with small touches. Ferrari added a lower wing on both sides and the intakes are a bit narrower. We can find a bigger side skirt as well. I personally love that Ferrari doesn’t care about critics and casually goes on with the 70th anniversary celebrations by putting ‘’70’’ on the side of the car, but I might be a bit biased…

EVO, standing for Evoluzione, has been used before by Ferrari for the same purpose. In 2007 Ferrari unveiled a EVO package for the FXX. And in 2011 Ferrari made it possible for clients to upgrade their €1.1 million 599XX with a EVO package. Components of these packages differ from a restyled rear wing, exhaust upgrade, a redesigned livery, etc.

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