HR Owen Ferrari London, Global Ferrari Dealer of 2015, has been chosen to display the 488 Challenge in their showroom this weekend.

Lukas from @LukasBaras, Jacob from @JMESupercars and Cameron from @CG.Automotive were kind enough to send their photos. Check them out on Instagram!

The 488 Challenge is the newest chapter of the successful Ferrari Challenge Series introduced in 1993. It all started 25 years ago when the Dutch Ferrari Owners Club mentioned the idea to Ferrari. Ferrari liked it and they immediately introduced the Series on several racetracks. The first Challenge car was a standard 348 Berlinetta with a couple of changes such as slick-tyres, better brakes and a roll-bar. The 348 Challenge was used till 1995 when Ferrari launched the F355 Challenge.

Ferrari revealed the 488 Challenge back in December at the annual Finali Mondiali in Daytona. It features the same turbocharged V8 with 661 bhp, as in the road-going 488. This makes it the first car in the series using a turbocharger. Compared to its predecessor – the 458 Challenge – the engine is 43 pounds (19,5 kg) lighter and the exhaust almost 19 pounds (8.5 kg). Both bumpers and the hood have been redesigned and the rear wing is a bit larger than the one on its predecessor. Ferrari claims the 488 is a full second faster than the 458 Challenge (1:15,5) on the Pista di Fiorano.

HR Owen is the biggest luxury car dealer in the UK and they sell 11 different car brands in their dealers mostly based in London.

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