03-12-1947: Enzo Ferrari finished the first car wearing the utterly famous Cavallino badge, the 125 S. Now, 70 years later Ferrari is treating fans and owners right to organize several events in several countries while paying homage to their insane history.

Over 60 Ferrari Owner Clubs are celebrating this anniversary with events to enjoy the cars from the past 70 years. It’ll start on the 12th of March and end on the 10th of September in Maranello, where Ferrari is paying a homage to themselves on the Pista di Fiorano. We might attend this event if our student income approves..

Filmmakers and Ferrari worked together to produce a goosebump creating 1 minute and 30 seconds clip. It shows the beginning of Ferrari where employees completed the 125 S to drive it around Maranello and make some kids start dreaming. When the car drives past the kids it turns into the insane LaFerrari Aperta in launch spec: black with red pinstripes. Later on, both the 125 S and the LaFerrari Aperta pose in front of the factory and that image certainly belongs in every museum on this planet!

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