A Blu Tour De France LaFerrari has recently been spotted driving around near Geneva. It’s owned by a very special owner, that also ownes a few other toys.

A Blu Tour De France LaFerrari has been recently spotted in Plan-Les-Ouates, near Geneva in Switzerland. This particular car has been seen the last time in Paris, whilst charging up in some normal parisian sidestreet. The owner of this car also has some other prancing horses in his collection, including a Blu Tour De France Enzo, a Blue Tour De France F50 and probably some more amazing cars we don’t know of, as they probably never have been spotted. The owner, Benjamin De Rothschild, is the chairman of the private swiss bank Edmond De Rothschild Group. He obviously also is part of the Rothschild family and dynasty. We hope this car will be spotted more frequently, as this was the first time he actually has been seen driving the car, and not keeping it parked up.

The same owner’s Blu Tour De France Enzo has also been spotted at the same parking spot as the LaFerrari has been sitting, in a sidestreet in Paris. It has been seen in 2009, it’s not been seen since. The F50 he also owns was parked up outside the Lamborghini Geneva dealership, where the LaFerrari also was parked up at, before leaving when it has been photographed.

This particular car has been delivered at Garage Zenith Sion, which also holds many LaFerraris for their owners. There are about 10-15 LaFerrari coupes including about 5 Apertas.

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