It’s been around 3 weeks since Ferrari officially revealed the launch pictures of the 812 Superfast. Fan accounts immediately started to appear and some were even lucky enough to take some photos of the latest Ferrari product.

Let’s take a look at some of these leaked pictures. At first, we have some photos of a yellow 812 Superfast inside the factory in Maranello. Most people were quite happy with this leak so they could take a good look at the car. Press pictures are often hard to compare to the real life product and to proof that, just take a look at the pictures we posted online!

Next up, some pictures from Italy, where two Ferrari employees thought it was a good idea to make a quick stop at a bakery. You can see an all-black F12berlinetta parked next to the 812 Superfast, still covered in camo but it’s easy to see the actual paint colour: it has been painted in the new colour Rosso Settanta which marks the 70th anniversary. @FedePretto gladly took some pictures!

These third leaked pictures (and videos) are from when Ferrari unloaded two 812 Superfast’s in Geneva. @Car_Spotter_Geneva was smart enough to grab his phone and took some pictures. We can see a matte black one and another Rosso Settante 812. Check out @Only_812SF as well as they have more content of this moment.

We can’t wait to see the 800 bhp 812 Superfast in real life. All these pictures have made us very curious on how the car will better the F12berlinetta. Ferrari is revealing the car at the Geneva International Motor Show. Stay tuned for more 812 Superfast content on our Instagram page.


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