The 812 Superfast wasn’t the only Ferrari that got revealed yesterday at the Geneva Motor Show. Mansory showed up with their take on the FXXK: a 488 Spider with 789 bhp and an XX-inspired redesigned exterior and interior.

The beautiful monster is called the 4XX Siracusa Spider and is based on Ferraris’ XX program consisting of cars like the 599XX and the FXXK as you can see. The new front bumper, the rear diffuser and the striking new spoiler design are all effective aerodynamic updates. Even the custom wheels are lightweight to make the most out of the car. As seen at the GIMS the car is finished in matte black combined with the lightweight gold wheels. For buyers that’ll forget they’re driving an Italian car, Mansory added tricolore striping everywhere possible, even in the seats. Talking about the interior, 4XX logos were added and Mansory removed the original Ferrari logo on the steering wheel for their own logo.

Technical wise, the twin-turbo V8 has been tuned to an insane 789 bhp (670 bhp standard) which is almost the same as the just revealed 812 Superfast. Standard torque was 561 and that clearly wasn’t enough for the Germans, so the up’d it to 642 lb-ft. of torque. The suspension is dropped 2 centimetres (0,8’’) closer to the ground making it even more of an eye catcher. Mansory claims the car can do 2.9 seconds to get from zero to a 100 km/h and continues to a top speed of 341 km/h (212 mph).

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