Classic Ferraris can either be a labour of love or just a labour. Evoluto Automobili has the perfect solution if your experience is the latter.

Photography: Evoluto Automobili

Evoluto Automobili is a UK-based Ferrari modifier who recently revealed their latest project: a reimagined Ferrari 348/F355. The result is a magnificent piece of engineering weighing only 1000 kg and powered by an upgraded Ferrari 360 engine with 500 bhp.

Over 90% of the car is changed during the process, including exterior, interior and mechanicals. Clients need to either bring in their own 348 or have one supplied by the company. Next, Evoluto will strip it to the bare chassis to eventually rebuild the car from scratch. Original parts are restored and mixed with new components to create what they describe as “the ultimate homage to the naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari.”

According to the company’s founder, various V8 Ferraris are implemented into this reincarnation: “I have come to admire the Ferrari 348 and understand how under-appreciated it is as a raw driver’s car. The 348 has real racing history but lacks an ingredient that makes the F355 so timeless.”

After customer approval of the spec, the company builds the car out beginning with the mechanical aspects, then exterior and lastly the interior.

One powerful combo – 1000 kg meets 500 bhp

To achieve this impressive power-to-weight ratio, a lot of work has gone into creating a very light body out of carbon. As you’d expect, the car will be stripped out, but it’s still luxurious and comfortable on the inside.

The engine – although more powerful – uses composite and lightweight materials to reduce weight. More significant weight-saving methods are found in the mechanics of the car: the transmission is smaller and upgraded; the exhaust, wheels and suspension are lighter; and the steering rack is race spec, thus lighter than original. To achieve better stopping power, the brakes are larger, but still lighter than original ones because of their material. Evoluto also installs lighter seats and removes some of the cabin sound-proofing to further reduce weight.

The Ferrari 348 has an original kerb weight of around 1390 kg and the Ferrari F355 was even heavier, but this version comes in at just 1000 kg.

Though extreme measures were taken to get the car as light as possible, the engine is still relatively tame. This, says the company, is a logical choice because they aim to bring back the nature of past Ferrari’s, rather than the modern cars with “unusable performance” and electronic support systems.


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The interior of the car is as impressive as the exterior. Standard 348 seats are removed and make place for Evoluto’s own custom-made carbon fibre seats. The upholstered steering wheel is a new addition, and so is the new set of dials. Clients can customize many small details of the car, and one of the most notable is specifying the pedals in a range of colours. The mid console is home to just a few buttons and switches: the ignition, audio system and climate control. The six-speed transmission sits pride-of-place and adds even more likability to the car.

As mentioned earlier, a significant amount of classic Ferrari owners have a love-hate relation with their cars because some models break down a lot. That won’t be the case with this reincarnation, says the company: “A big part of the development is focused on usability and reliability.” The aim is to focus on real-world ownership, so there’s a global supply of spare parts.

Potential owners should contact Evoluto Automobili via their website for more information.

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