John Collins, owner and founder of British renowned classic Ferrari specialist Talacrest, took delivery of a very special car today: meet the Ferrari SP3JC.

Photography: Ferrari

Let’s start with explaining that name: SP stands for Special Project and JC are the initials of John Collins. We have no clue on what the 3 could refer to. Ferrari recently revealed the Monza SP1 and SP2, so it could have something to do with that, but that is quite unlikely. Ferrari is no stranger to one-offs, as explained in this article.

Closer look at the design

The Ferrari SP3JC is a beautiful mash-up from existing and new design features. We have the 812 Superfast launch wheels accompanied with yellow striping and brake callipers. The front bumper underwent a complete redesign while hinting to the F12berlinetta headlights and the Portofino-like air intakes. Ferrari engines are masterpieces, so Collins added a see-through bonnet to peak at the magisterial 800 bhp V12 at any point.

No doubt the Ferrari Centro Stile, under Flavio Manzoni, thoroughly enjoyed working with Collins on this one-off car. The side of the car stayed fairly similar to the 812 Superfast. The painted Cavallino shields are a real tribute to the early days of Grand Tourer Ferraris.

The rear of the car caused some strong opinions on the internet. We have a unique roll bar design which flows down to yellow bulks to amplify the Barchetta styled bodywork. The rear headlights came straight from the Portofino, but apart from that it’s as distinctive as can be. Two air intakes take up some of the left space between the upper and lower part of the car. The diffuser seems to be a specially made component as well.

John is a fan of blue

Interior wise, Collins opted in for bright blue seats, an alacantara dashboard, matte carbon fibre and a passenger display. We want to congratulate John Collins on this fantastic build. He left a comment under the pictures we posted of the car to clarify some of the misconceptions. The car has the F12tdf engine, drive train and suspension.

2018 Ferrari SP3JC

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