While testing at a track in Italy, Ferrari was spotted with a highly camouflaged FXX K, we think this will be the FXX K Evoluzione.

Although our source wants to remain anonymous, he gave us a lot of information about the car in question. If you look at the rear of the FXX K you can clearly see it has a different wing design. The previous car had a twin-profile spoiler and as you can see, this one has the traditional wing design with shark fin to strengthen the construction. Even the V12 sounds differently according to our source, there might be a chance they removed the hybrid system. On the other hand, the driver could’ve been in a different driving mode which would explain why it sounded louder. Even though these are all rumours, it really looks like Ferrari will be launching this car very soon.

Ferrari Challenge and GT
Ferrari did not only test the FXX K at the track yesterday; a Challenge and GT car were driving around as well. The GT was fitted with a new exhaust, but there are no massive changes on the Challenge car. The GT car was also equipped with an external speedometer, so this must’ve been an engine-based test.

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