Today Ferrari has unveiled the successor to the Ferrari 488 GTB, the 720 bhp Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Photography: Ferrari

Over the past few days Ferrari had been teasing the launch of a new car on their Instagram account and while a few of us were anticipating (and slightly dreading) a Ferrari SUV in light of the recent rise of super SUVs, it seems that we have a new V8 super sport Berlinetta on our hands. This will come as a very welcome surprise to many Prancing Horse fans, who’ve just barely gotten over the hype of the Ferrari 488 Pista. Now I can’t wait to really dive into all the details we’ve been given.

Let’s start with the name shall we? Ferrari F8 Tributo pays – as the name suggests – tribute to the most powerful Ferrari V8 ever, the award winning 3.9L twin-turbocharged F154CB engine which featured in the Ferrari 488 Pista. An engine that set the benchmark for all turbocharged engines in the past 3 years when it won the “Best Engine” in the International Engine of the Year awards consecutively.

Quad rear lights and more

Onto the looks. My goodness. It’s truly stunning. The front of the car is starting to evolve more and more into what looks like a baby Ferrari LaFerrari with its sharp yet smooth L-shaped headlights. The rear looks like the love child of an 812 Superfast and a 488 Pista. We finally have the gorgeous quad rear lights back on the V8 Supercar: a design element not seen since the Ferrari F430. The mid side elevation is still very reminiscent of the Ferrari 488 GTB with the aero ducts just sitting just above the front of the rear wheel arch. Looking closer at the rear section, we notice what could be an active rear duck tail spoiler which is definitely new.

I won’t bore you with words about the beautiful lines running along the car because they simply won’t do them justice plus you already have pictures to ogle at. All in all, an extravagant sculpture to behold and a silencer to those who criticised the Ferrari 488 GTB’s ‘boring’ design. A hearty well done to Flavio Manzoni and his team.

Hypercar numbers

Now we come to the part which some of you love and some of you hate. Let’s talk numbers. The new car boasts 50 bhp more than its predecessor, 10% improved aerodynamic efficiency, is 40 kg lighter and has little to no turbo lag further enhancing the pure driving pleasure Ferrari is so famous for. With a claimed 0-100 kph (62 mph) time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 340 kph, the new car is no slouch, borderline encroaching into hypercar territory.

A lot of intricate detail has gone into designing the aero for this car to provide maximum downforce, the dark art of gluing a car to the road through the power of air alone. The front of the car sports an S-Duct which we saw on the 488 Pista, which on its own provides a 15% overall increase in downforce.

Bear in mind these are just our first impressions of the car but good lord has it left a strong one. Next week, Max will be heading for Geneva to talk with Flavio Manzoni about the car. It seems we have a new monster stallion to be in awe of and it’s a beast I can’t wait to experience.

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