Ever since YouTuber Sam from SeenThroughGlass started his channel, he has been obsessed with Ferraris. I love watching his videos where he is just driving a Ferrari and talking about it, his emotions are very relatable. Sam also talked about owning a Ferrari for years and he has finally lived up to the expectations: he bought his first prancing horse!

Picking your first Ferrari isn’t that easy, as we saw in some of his videos. One side of him was saying he should wait and buy a proper Ferrari and the other side of him was saying he wanted a Ferrari as quick as possible. I personally think a manual 360 Modena is a great way of starting your Ferrari ownership: it’s not that old and not that expensive to maintain compared to the big guys, like the 550 

So, what other options did Sam have? If you research what manual 360 Modena’s are selling for these days, you’ll conclude €75.000 is a pretty good price. You can buy a Ferrari 308 GTSi Targa for around €55.000, a Ferrari 348 TB for €60.000, a Ferrari 456 GTA for €65.000, a F355 GTS for €70,000 or a 328 GTB for just over €75.000 on the current Dutch market. Compared to these relative old Ferraris, Sam made a wise choice by picking a manual 360 Modena. He made a pretty good deal if he bought his for around €75.000.

As said before, this particular 360 Modena is equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission. A true sports car, but not the easiest one to drive around in a city like London. The car is built in 2002 and finished in Rosso Corsa, the infamous Ferrari colour. It has a tan interior with red carpets and racing seats with racing harness to keep you in place. To keep the racing atmosphere going there’s also a fire extinguisher and a roll bar. Some things Sam wants to do to the car are adding Challenge Stradale wheels, a Challenge Stradale exhaust and a leather steering wheel to replace the alcantara one.

We want to congratulate Sam with his purchase and we can’t wait to see a lot more coverage of his first Ferrari: the 360 Modena. Check out the video below!

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