According to Ferraris’ chief technology officer Michael Leiters, the successor of the LaFerrari is about three to five years away.

In an interview with Autocar Leiters mentioned the car will not feature an F1 engine, because of the high revs in stationary mode. ‘’To be realistic, it would need to idle at 2,500-3,000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm’’. This will make the F50 even more unique because of its F1 engine.

Even though the LaFerrari is only 4 years old Ferrari is already working on the car. Leiters said that they’re currently modernizing the general road car and research/development strategy so in a couple of years the successor we’re talking about will consist of brand-new changes.

It’s unsure if the LaFerrari Aperta will be replaced by a roofless LaFerrari-successor. The only Ferrari hypercar that came in a convertible variant as well was the F50. Good news is that the engine of the successor won’t be mounted with turbos. There’s a big chance of it being the same setup as with the LaFerrari: a big V12 combined with an electric engine.

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