Lamborghini owner @LamborghiniKS posted an interesting photo on Instagram the other day. 

It showcases the three LaFerrari variants, the normal one, the FXXK and the LaFerrari Aperta. The lower picture is of a LaFerrari under covers which refers to a lightweight version of the car. According to Kris Singh, Ferrari already begun with contacting future owners. It’s most likely being sold-out by the time the car has been unveiled.

Lightweight Ferrari LaFerrari

Some Ferrari owners that have had contact with Ferrari already have the LaFerrari, FXXK and LaFerrari Aperta in their garage. Just imagine how cool it would look to have all the versions of the LaF sitting nicely in your garage. You could drive your LaFerrari or Aperta version to the track where you can smash the FXXK or this lightweight version! I’ll keep you guys updated!

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