Ferrari loves improving their cars and they did a perfect job with their latest creation. It has a better name, it’s lighter, faster and more powerful compared to the California T.

Better name
There’s no problem by naming your product after one of the most beautiful scenery to drive through, but Ferrari wouldn’t be Ferrari without a subtle touch of Italian language. So they replaced the California badge with one saying ‘’Portofino’’. The car is named after this Italian village because of its picturesque landscape. The launch colour (seen on the press pictures) has also been named after this astonishing town: Rosso Portofino.

Better design
Because of the big amount of air intakes it really looks like a proper sport car and it’s not ‘’just a women’s Ferrari’’ anymore. The team that took care of the design really listened to all the feedback they received. One of the main parts they changed are the proportions. The lines are just a bit more elegant and the massive rear of the California and California T is been replaced by a smaller one.

Better specifications
I was really surprised when I saw the specifications of the car: almost 600 bhp, the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) is done is 3,5 seconds and the top speed will most likely be around 320 km/h (199 mph). The new chassis is stiffer than before and it also receives Ferrari’s E-Diff 3 electronic rear differential control. A whole mouthful but it basically means it should handle better than previous generations. Ferrari housed a 10.2’’ touchscreen in the centre console to handle the newest infotainment system. The newly designed front window will reduce the airflow into the car by 30%.

IAA reveal
The Ferrari Portofino will make its world debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September. We’ll keep you updated about the car till then!

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