This Ferrari 275 GTB Shortnose is just one of many cool cars currently for sale at Real Art on Wheels.

This Ferrari 275 GTB Shortnose is just one of many cool cars currently for sale at Real Art on Wheels.


Imaging strolling through the beautiful city of Amsterdam and coming across this place. As a car enthusiast, there’s no hesitation of entering the showroom. To name a few pinnacles they currently have: a 275 GTB Shortnose finished in the original Verde Pinot (green) and a non-restored 250 GTE Series 3 in the magnificent Oro Metallizzato (gold). We paid them a visit and had a chat with the owner of Real Art on Wheels, Bodie Hage!

Bodie has always been fascinated by cars, especially classic cars. When he was just 15-years-old he happened to read an article about a very successful taxi-company. The owner also happened to own more than 200 classic cars. Bodie got in touch and you can easily state his career in the car industry started here. He went from ‘’the cleaning boy’’ to joining at auctions very fast. The owner sadly passed away in 2007 but that didn’t stopped Bodie from chasing his dreams. Bodie continued the business until he finished his accountancy study. He got rid of the taxi-company and started focusing on the classic cars more and more.



This resulted in Real Art on Wheels. They currently have two showrooms, one in Amsterdam and one in Alphen aan den Rijn. Bodie is also a licensed appraiser which makes it a lot easier for him to close deals on certain cars. The mission of Bodie is to buy and sell cars with a story rather than cars without one. If he finds an interesting car without a known story he’s researching the car till he finds out every little detail.

Two cars that really caught my eye were the 275 GTB Shortnose and a full black 575M Maranello. This 275 GTB was originally delivered by the official Ferrari supplier Rugico in Madrid and it received Swiss plates in 1966, just two years after the reveal at the Paris Motor Show. Then, in the late 80s a Spanish businessman bought the 275 and the car went back to Spain. He owned it for over 20 years when he sold it. It’s now the pinnacle of the Real Art on Wheels showroom. If you were to buy this amazing piece of history you’d get a Verde Pinot with beige leather interior combination, including the notorious Ferrari Classiche certificate.



Next up is this blacked out 575M Maranello. The car was originally delivered in Japan hence the Japanese stickers you can find on the car. It received a complete service by Dutch Ferrari specialist Forza Service at 16.393 km (10,525 miles) in June 2017. The interior of the car is full black with little yellow details like the stitching. The full history is known, just like all the books are available.

Real Art on Wheels recently started their Instagram account, click here to follow them! I want to thank Bodie for his hospitality and for the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing company!


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