The average power output of sports car massively increased the past few years. TopGear Nederland confirmed just that, in a 1 minute and 37 seconds video.

Photography: Eric van Vuuren, TopGear Nederland

The main creative mind behind the video you are about to watch is Eric van Vuuren. Van Vuuren is a Dutch-based commercial photographer and videographer who worked with some of the biggest automotive brands you can think of. He teamed up with TopGear Nederland, Thijs Timmermans and Circuit Park Zandvoort to answer the one question we all need answered.

I was an intern at TopGear Nederland earlier this year. I spent around 5 and a half months writing articles and learning all about journalism, so the magazine is close to my heart. And to be honest, who didn’t grew up watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May driving around in ultimate dream cars?

Is the 812 Superfast faster than a tuned German?

For that, you have to watch the video, but let’s take a look at the numbers first. The Ferrari 812 Superfast features a 789 bhp 6.5-L V12. The engine is naturally aspirated, produces 718 Nm at 8500 rpm and sends it all to the rear wheels. Just like the 812 Superfast, the Brabus 800 E 63 S Estate also has around 800 bhp. Upfront, the German tuner placed an upgraded twin-turbo-charged V8 with 1000 Nm and four-wheel drive. The only benefit the 812 Superfast has in this comparison, is its weight.. To be honest, I was quite intrigued by the numbers of the Brabus before watching the video…

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