12 Ferrari colours you’ve never heard of

12 Ferrari colours you’ve never heard of

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In recent years, Ferrari has introduced many new colours; both highly limited through Tailor Made as well as colours used in the regular palette. This  article lists 12 of them and as you will find out, some of the unknown colours have been around for many years.

As our Ferrari Colours page concludes, there’s still a lot of paint colours to discover.

Argento Auteuil

Ferrari 512 BB in Argento Auteuil

Credits: British & Sportscars

Argento Auteil is a beautiful, light shade of silver that was first seen in the 1960s.

Azzurro Cielo

Ferrari 812 GTS in Azzurro Cielo

Credits: @larochellesupercar

Azzurro Cielo translates to ‘blue sky’ and even though it’s slightly brighter than the blue skies we’re used to, it’s a stunning colour. Lamborghini’s version of Azzurro Cielo is not as bright and is comparable with Ferrari's Azzurro California.

Bianco Mille Miglia

Ferrari F8 Spider in Bianco Mille Miglia

Credits: Michael Skou

Unique shade of white named after the iconic Mille Miglia-race.

Blu Elder

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider in Blu Elder

Credits: Ferrari

A beautiful pearlescent shade of blue that has been seen only on a handful of Ferrari cars. Blu Elder has hints of purple and gold under direct light.

Blu Mediterraneo

Ferrari California T in Blu Mediterraneo

Credits: Driving Emotions

Certainly a personal favourite: Blu Mediterraneo and indeed very fitting for open-top driving in the Ferrari California T. Originally a Maserati colour and without a doubt named after the beautiful beaches alongside the Mediterranean Sea.

Giallo Kuramochi

Ferrari 812 Competizione in Giallo Kuramochi

Credits: Kroymans Ferrari

The brightest colour in this article without a doubt is Giallo Kuramochi; a matte hue of yellow only seen on a handful of Ferrari cars. In person it’s even more striking than pictures and you definitely need to wear sunglasses near any cars featuring this exterior finish.

Grigio Fumo

Ferrari 330 GTS in Grigio Fumo

Credits: Paul Dumont-Baber

Another stunning shade of silver is Grigio Fumo. Though slightly darker than Argento Auteil, it still showcases the curves of a 1960s Ferrari beautifully.

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Oyster Metallic/Glattbrugg Carouge

Ferrari FF in Oyster Metallic

Credits: Niki Hasler AG - Ferrari Basel

Oyster Metallic/Glattbrugg Carouge Rolls Royce RRBB is a Tailor Made colour that has only been seen on this Ferrari FF delivered to Ferrari Basel. It’s an amazing shade of green and depending on the angle and light showcases different types of green (from army green to goldish-green).

Rosso Marco Polo

Ferrari 458 Italia in Rosso Storico

Credits: Ferrari

Rosso Marco Polo is a unique shade in the sense that it was solely created to celebrate 20 years of Ferrari in China. Marco Polo was an Italian 13th/14th century explorer who wrote in great lengths about his travels through parts of then-undiscovered Asia.

Rosso Oslo Opaco

Ferrari 812 Competizione in Rosso Oslo Opaco

Credits: Stian Furuseth

Fairly recently delivered to a Norwegian Ferrari dealer and featuring a unique colour: this Ferrari 812 Competizione in Rosso Oslo Opaco. Named after the country’s capital, the one-off colour features hues of purple and pink…

Rosso Storico

Ferrari 599 GTB Alonso Edition in Rosso Storico

Credit: Walt Grace Vintage

Just like Rosso Marco Polo, Rosso Storico was specially created for a special edition Ferrari. In this case: the 2011 Ferrari 599 GTB ‘Alonso Edition’. Sporting a livery inspired by the Ferrari 150° Italia Single Seater in which Fernando Alonso won the 2011 British Grand Prix.

Veloqx Indigo

Ferrari F12tdf in Veloqx Indigo

Credits: @govanamin

A vibrant shade of blue used on a selection of cars from the @mwvmnw collection.

What has been your favourite Ferrari Colour from this selection?


  • James S. MacLeod


  • Michael Renaldo

    Rosso Oslo Opaco.

  • Jonathan Knight

    Looking for a colour for my Roma Spider on order for next year. Really like Blu Mediterraneo, maybe Crema leather with Blue highlights!

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