Did you know about these 16 blue Ferrari colours?

Did you know about these 16 blue Ferrari colours?

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We discovered an additional 16 shades of Ferrari blue.

If you're feeling a bit blue, check out our Ferrari blue colour page.

Azzurro Dino Mica

Azzurro Dino Mica Ferrari 812 GTS

Photo: Ferrari of San Antonio

Let's start with an exceptionally uncommon Ferrari blue known as Azzurro Dino Mica, a two-layer paint. Despite its name, Azzurro Dino, it may not appear as you might expect. Being a relatively new colour, this striking blue color graced only a few Ferrari cars.

Azzurro Dino Opaco

Azzurro Dino Opaco Ferrari 812 GTS


Another variation on the widely loved Azzurro Dino colour, this is the matte version of it.

Azzurro Vincennes

Azzurro Vincennes Ferrari 250 GT California Spider SWB

Photo: ROSSOautomobili

Originally a colour used by Lancia and Maserati in the 1960s, this 250 GT SWB California Spyder also beautifully sports the light Azzurro Vincennes.

Blu America

Blu America Ferrari Daytona SP3

Photo: @sly.ferrari

Compared to the previously mentioned colors, Blu America is somewhat more common. Nevertheless, it remains a stunning shade of dark blue and is definitely worth considering when configuring a new Ferrari.

Blu Capri

Blu Capri Ferrari SF90 Spider

Photo: @danvil197

Blu Capri was introduced in early 2022 as part of the Cavalcade Tailor Made liveries. Some might argue that it leans more towards green than blue, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong, as the coulor draws inspiration from the 'various nuances of the sea'.

Blu Caracalla

Blu Caracalla Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

Photo: BBS Spot BR

Another colour from the 1960s is Blu Caracalla. This dark shade of Ferrari blue was used on a handful of cars.

Blu Cinquanta

Blu Cinquanta Ferrari GScinquanta

Photo: unknown

Reportedly but not confirmed, the colour of the Special Project Ferrari GScinquanta is called Blu Cinquanta. It may very well be a colour we already know, like Blu Elettrico.

Blu Dino

Blu Dino Ferrari 365 GTB/4

Photo: William Walker ©2023 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

This stunning shade of Ferrari blue is named after the Dino cars, which were the very first mid-engine cars produced by Ferrari. It seemed to be featured only on a few Ferrari cars in the 1970s. Who's ready to see it make a comeback?

Blu Ferrari

Blu Ferrari Ferrari 365 GTB/4

Photo: Andreas Birner

Obviously named after your favourite automotive brand, Blu Ferrari is a dark shade of blue primarily used in the 1970s.

Blu Fiat

Blu Fiat Ferrari 250 California Spider

Photo: Harry Coles

Another colour named after a car manufacture, Blu Fiat is featured on this 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. If you know more about this car and specifically the colour, we'd love to know more!

Blu Flugplatz Opaco

Blu Flugplatz Opaco Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Photo: unknown

The matte version of Blu Flugplatz, it's a striking and rare colour.

Blu Genziana Triplo Strato

Blu Genziana Triplo Strato Ferrari 812 GTS

Photo: Ferrari

Blu Genziana Triplo Strato is a three-layer paint and specially featured on this Tailor Made Ferrari 812 GTS. To our knowledge, there's only one Ferrari in this colour.

Blu Nettuno

Blu Nettuno Ferrari 812 GTS

Photo: @c._.a._.r._.o

Blu Nettuno is named after the eighth and farthest known planet from the Sun, Neptune. Neptune is known for its rich blue color.

Blu Pazzesco

Blu Pazzesco Ferrari 812 Competizione

Photo: Henry Wood

Another fresh entry to the Ferrari color palette is Blu Pazzesco, first and exclusively showcased on this Ferrari 812 Competizione. It certainly complements the aggressive lines of the 812 Competizione beautifully.

Blu Ultra Scuro Opaco

Blu Pazzesco Ferrari 812 Competizione

Photo: @shotbyardi

How do you make a rare color even rarer? Introduce a matte version of it. In this instance, it’s Blu Ultra Scuro with a matte finish. Both versions of this color were applied to just a handful of Ferrari cars.

Turchese Molvedo

Turchese Molvedo Ferrari Portofino M

Photo: Ferrari of Central New Jersey

To cap it all off, let's conclude with Turchese Molvedo, a stunning, fresh shade of blue only applied once to a Ferrari car.

Not done with blue yet? Check out our Ferrari blue colour page for even more shades of Ferrari blue.

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