5 Significant Ferraris From The Past 10 Years

A lot can happen in 10 years: before 2010 we didn’t have production Ferraris with electric motors, engines producing more than 700 bhp and daring body types. This might just be the most important era for Ferrari.

Photography: TopGear, Derek Cornelissen, Max Lammers, Ferrari Kroymansmarcphotography

2011 Ferrari FF

2011 Ferrari FF

Although seen as a continuation of the 612 Scaglietti, the Ferrari FF was a completely new Pininfarina-penned body. It is Ferrari’s first production car with a four-wheel-drive system (4RM) and powered by the then-largest Ferrari engine ever: a 6.3-L V12. The shooting-brake body proved to be a success and was used again with the GTC4Lusso that was introduced in 2016.

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

Arguably the most important one of them all. Together with its electric motors, the V12 engine produces 950 bhp, which was the highest power output of any Ferrari road car until the SF90 Stradale was introduced. Another first is the design: it was the first Ferrari since the Bertone-penned Dino 308 GT4 (1973) designed without input from Pininfarina. All of the technical findings of the LaFerrari were slowly implemented in Ferrari’s production road cars.

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB

The mid-V8 range was briefly powered by a turbo engine in the early 1980s, when Ferrari introduced the 208 GTB and 208 GTS primarily for the Italian market. After that, Ferrari used naturally aspirated engines for all their mid-V8 cars until the 488 GTB was unveiled in 2015. The successor to the 458 Italia is powered by an award-winning 3.9-L V8 with a twin-turbo setup, producing 660 bhp without a sign of turbo-lag.

2018 Ferrari Monza SP1 and Monza SP2

Ferrari Monza SP2

The new Ferrari Centro Stile building was inaugurated alongside both the Monza SP1 and Monza SP2, which are flagship models in the new Icona series – a limited-edition product range where classic cars are reincarnated with modern technology. It’s a first for Ferrari to introduce a limited production-model available for the ‘masses’ that’s not fitted with a windshield and roof. The car is based on the 812 Superfast, using parts of its chassis and engine.

2019 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Revealed on 29 May, the SF90 Stradale is Ferrari’s second plug-in hybrid. The car is powered by three electric motors (one at the rear axle, two on the front axle) and an evolution of the 3.9-L twin-turbocharged V8. The SF90 Stradale proves Ferrari is serious about implementing more electricity into regular production cars. More importantly is the completely revised interior that also found its way to the recently revealed Ferrari Roma. Behind the new steering wheel, Ferrari installed a 16-inch curved screen to display vital information about the car and the steering wheel is now equipped with multiple touch interfaces.

Certainly an exciting time to be a car fanatic! New technical and aerodynamic findings are making it possible for Ferrari to experiment more with new, cleaner and more effective solutions.

Written by Max Lammers.

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