Ferrari Special Projects: a detailed overview (part 3 of 3)

Ferrari Special Projects: a detailed overview (part 3 of 3)

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If you were to create your own Ferrari Special Project, which current Ferrari model would you choose as the base?

In this article, we'll delve into the last few Ferrari Special Projects. Don't forget to explore part 1 and part 2, where we cover iconic projects like the P4/5, SP30 'Arya', F12 TRS, GScinquanta, and more.

1. 2020 Ferrari Omologata

2020 Ferrari Omologata front

Photo: Ferrari

The very first Ferrari Special Project we are looking at in part 3 is the 2020 Ferrari [SP43] Omologata. Clad in the striking exterior hue of Rosso Magma, the Omologata utilizes the underpinnings of the 812 Superfast, boasting a V12 layout. Ferrari claims that the only bodywork elements retained from the 812 Superfast are the windscreen and headlights. The front showcases a flattened oval grille, while the rear sports a large spoiler, enhancing downforce and contributing to its sporty aesthetic.

2020 Ferrari Omologata rear

Photo: Ferrari

Additionally, the bonnet now features two 'nostrils' on each side, while the rear window is framed by two horizontal slats. Inside the Omologata, a striking blue interior reminiscent of the 1960s 250 LM and 250 GTO has been fitted, complete with four-point racing harnesses.

Some may be under the impression that there are two Omologata examples, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. However, the second car is non-drivable and serves purely as a mock-up to showcase the exterior design. This mock-up has been prominently displayed at a Ferrari dealership for some time.

2. 2021 Ferrari BR20

2021 Ferrari BR20 front

Photo: Ferrari

Drawing inspiration from iconic grand tourers of the 1960s such as the 410 Superamerica and 500 Superfast, the 2021 Ferrari BR20 represents a modern interpretation of that fastback design. Built upon the chassis of the GTC4Lusso, Ferrari has reimagined the silhouette by removing the rear seats, resulting in a sleeker roofline. In comparison to its base model, the BR20 is extended by 3 inches (7.62 cm), adding to its presence and elegance

2021 Ferrari BR20 rear

Photo: Ferrari

One standout design feature of the Ferrari BR20 is the sleek arches that extend along both sides, seamlessly integrating with the rear spoiler from the A-pillar. At the rear, a complete redesign is evident, with a muscular bumper and custom-tailored exhaust tips adding to its aesthetic appeal. The BR20 also features newly designed wheels, complemented by an abundance of integrated carbon fiber elements that enhance the modern aspects of this Special Project.

3. 2022 Ferrari SP48 Unica

2022 Ferrari SP48 Unica front

Photo: Aaronandcars

Based on the F8 Tributo, the 2022 Ferrari SP48 Unica is a two-seater berlinetta featuring the acclaimed 3.9-liter V8 engine. Ferrari employed extensive 3D modeling techniques during the SP48's development, resulting in elements that appear sculpted from a single block of material, creating a seamless exterior design. Virtually nothing remains of the base car, with bespoke components crafted for everything from the bumpers and front grille to the roofline and side air intakes.

2022 Ferrari SP48 Unica rear

Photo: Aaronandcars

To enhance design elements such as the sloping roofline and large engine intakes, Ferrari made a gradient graphic design on the car's exterior. Unfortunately, this feature may not be fully visible in the photos above. The SP48 Unica stands out as one of Ferrari's most distinctive Special Projects, in part thanks to the innovative use of 3D techniques.

4. 2022 Ferrari SP51

2022 Ferrari SP51 front

Photo: Ferrari

While some Ferrari Special Projects may cater to specific tastes, the 2022 Ferrari SP51 is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. Executed in the captivating red hue of 'Rosso Passionale' and adorned with a NART-style livery, complemented by a striking Rosso/Blu interior, the SP51 stands out from its base model, the Ferrari 812 GTS, with a few distinct features.

2022 Ferrari SP51 rear

Photo: Ferrari

Among its notable features are smaller headlights, distinctive Monza-inspired wheels, a larger front grille, prominent carbon fiber bonnet inserts, a carbon fiber wing positioned atop the buttresses, and a redesigned rear bumper. Ferrari says that the car was crafted for a customer in Taiwan, drawing inspiration from the iconic 1955 Ferrari 410 S, presumably chassis 0592CM.

5. 2023 Ferrari KC23

2023 Ferrari KC23 front

Photo: Tom Hooper

In 2023, Ferrari unveiled the KC23, its second track-focused Special Project. Unbound by the constraints of road-legal requirements, the Ferrari KC23 is truly a machine unlike any other. Based on the 488 GT3 Evo and powered by a twin-turbo V8, its exterior design is an extraordinary departure from the most successful racing car in Ferrari history.

2023 Ferrari KC23 rear

Photo: Tom Hooper

While we could delve into every intricate detail of the KC23, we'll spare you the exhaustive list. In essence, it features a prominent rear section reminiscent of the Testarossa, a customizable rear wing, enlarged window sections requiring extensive development, new wheels, and an expanded front section for increased downforce. Much like the 2023 Le Mans-winning 499P, the KC23 boasts butterfly doors that open vertically, enhancing its racing allure.

6. 2023 Ferrari SP-8

2023 Ferrari SP-8 front

Photo: danvil197

The 2023 Ferrari SP-8 is derived from the F8 Spider, sharing its mid-V8 layout and chassis. Unlike the F8 Spider's retractable hard-top roof, the SP-8 is a true barchetta, featuring no roof whatsoever. Its exterior showcases a striking combination of Blu Scuro Stellato, Argento Micalizzato Opaco, and glossy iridescent Blue Sandstone carbon-fibre sections.

2023 Ferrari SP-8 rear

Photo: Ferrari

To truly distinguish this project as a one-off creation, several modifications were made, including a wraparound windscreen, new headlights, bespoke wheel design, revised side air-intakes, and distinct engine intakes positioned atop the buttresses. Additionally, a newly designed rear section features rear lights derived from the Ferrari Roma.

What's your favorite Ferrari Special Project from this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to check out part 1 and part 2.

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