Blue Ferrari Shades: Part 1 of 3

Blue Ferrari Shades: Part 1 of 3

Our favourite Ferrari colours are among the blue ones. What to think about Blu Abu Dhabi, Blu Tiffany and Blu Roma?

Azzurro California

Azzurro California Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

First seen on the Ferrari 360 Modena.

Photo: Pegasus Autos

Blu Abu Dhabi

Blu Abu Dhabi Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

Photo: Max Lammers

Blu Flugplatz

Blu Flugplatz Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Keng Hoe

Blu Le Mans

Blu Le Mans Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari 512

Named after the iconic endurance race in France.

Photo: Thor Laugesen and ‘ferrariracing45

Blu Mirabeau

Blu Mirabeau Ferrari 458 Speciale

Photo: Kulu Motorcar Inc.

Blu Nart

Blu NART Ferrari 458 Speciale

Named after the North American Racing Team, this shade was first seen on the Ferrari 275 NART Spider.

Photo: Nathan Rigby

Blu Pozzi

 Blu Pozzi Ferrari 488 Spider

No doubt one of the darker shades Ferrari used.

Photo: Max Lammers

Blu Ribot

Blu Ribot Ferrari 400i

Photo: ‘giuseppe400i’ 

Blu Roma

Blu Roma Ferrari Roma

A shade of blue first used on the Ferrari Roma.

Photo: Ferrari

Blu Scozia Opaco

Blu Scozia Opaco Ferrari 812 Superfast

Tailor Made 812 Superfast photographed by us in London in 2019. The car is a tribute to the 250 SWB racing by Stirling Moss in the 1960s.

Photo: Max Lammers

Blu Simond

Blu Simond Ferrari F12tdf

“The creator of Blu Simond has been a Tifosi since aged 13 and prior to collecting his beautiful F12tdf, his collection primarily consisted of grey and black cars (excluding a red F40). Intrigued by Blu Ahrabian, he requested a sample and though it turned out different than expected, he now had a focus point, a blue grey. Visiting Maranello with a mission of finding a sporty and elegant configuration, but with a nod to history, after hours in the tailor made studio, the owner finally found an appropriate unused sample and chose it for his F12tdf.

After months of endless back and forth with the factory, being pressed to approve incorrect samples, finally the car went into build. After a magical sleepless night in Enzo’s farm house at Fiorano, sitting at his desk, soaking in the history, the car was delivered. Being asked many times about the name of this unusual colour, he finally opened the bonnet to check the paint sticker and, to his delight, Ferrari had given it his family name. As such a long-standing Tifosi, what more could you want for than to have your family name cemented as part of Ferrari’s history on a genuine limited edition car, possibly the last model to evoke the raw spirit of the brand? Serendipity.”

Blu Tiffany

Blu Tiffany Ferrari F12berlinetta

Assumingly, a one-off shade of blue inspired by Tiffany & Co., an American luxury jewellery and specialty retailer.

Photo: Gulf Coast Motorworks

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Written by Max Lammers.


  • Max Lammers

    @DANS – Yes, beautiful colour! Comes alive when it’s sunny :)

  • DanS

    Blue Abu Dhabi is awesome, but I am biased.


  • John Coryat

    I have an Azzurro California 2001 360 Spider. The paint code in the frunk indicates Azzurro California as well. In your article, you say “First seen on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and California.” I suggest correcting your comment to include the 360.


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