Celebrating 50 years Ferrari in Japan: The Ferrari J50

Celebrating 50 years Ferrari in Japan: The Ferrari J50

Ferrari shocked the world by unveiling another special project this afternoon. The J50 is a 10 car-limited ode to loads of legendary Ferrari models from the past.

J50 simply stands for Japan 50 and it celebrates the 50 year anniversary of Ferrari in Japan. Only Japanese clients were able to purchase the beautiful car. The Special Projects Department and the Ferrari Styling Centre made sure the car got an outstanding design. It includes some real throwbacks to historical models such as the 288 GTO and F50. As you can see, the car rocks a beautiful targa body inspired by the 348 TS. Carbon-fibre roof panels can be placed behind the seats.

Ferrari J50

Tuned up to 690 bhp, the car features the same 3.9-litre V8 as the 488 Spider!

At first it was hard to tell which model it’s based on, because there’s simply nothing left of the original body. Standard headlight have been replaced by really sharp light units and the redesigned bonnet got its inspiration from the LaFerrari. A black line has been added on the side of the car, which reminds of the 288 GTO, F40 and F50. It disappears into the fully redesigned side air vents. Another interesting design feature are the four tail lights. This hasn’t been seen on a V8 model since the F430. The added ‘’wing’’ provides more downforce while speeding.


To put that 690 bhp to good use, Ferrari added loads of aerodynamic parts on the car. Radiators have been placed a lot closer to each other compared to the standard Spider and the front bumper is completely restyled. The car sits lower than the 488 Spider which results in even more downforce. All these aerodynamic parts are fun and all, but the car is a real collector’s item which in most cases won’t be used a lot.

Ferrari J50 interior

All cars have already been sold, but the good news is that owners will be able to fully customize the car to their own wishes, so we’ll be seeing a lot of different specs!

What do you think of the Special Project J50?

Written by Max Lammers.

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