Complete Rundown Of Green Ferrari Shades

Complete Rundown Of Green Ferrari Shades

In a new series of articles we are going to take a look at all the shades Ferrari used and uses to grace their cars. Starting off with green, or Verde in Italian.

Pino Verde

Ferrari 275 GTB Pino Verde

One of the oldest shades of Ferrari green.

Photo: Tim Scott

Verde Abetone

Verde Abetone Ferrari 812 Superfast

Photo: Monserrat Photography and Ferrari Poland

Verde British

Verde British Racing Ferrari 488 GTB

The Ferrari version of the iconic British Racing Green.

Photo: Carlile ImageWorks

Verde Celeste

 Verde Celeste Ferrari 599 GTB

“Extracampionario” paint from the "Anni 50-60" colour range, Verde Celeste is a combination between green and blue.

Verde Chiaro Metallico

Verde Chiaro Ferrari 512 TR

Photo: Andreas Birner

Verde Francesca

Verde Francesca Ferrari 488 Pista

Introduced in 2018, Verde Francesca is inspired by the Maserati colour Verde Tevere. The owner of this Tailor Made 488 Pista named it after his granddaughter.

Photo: LdnCarphotography

Verde GB23

Verde GB23 Ferrari F12tdf

A one-off colour for an Italian Ferrari collector who goes by the name of Greg B.

Photo: Adrien Gillet

Verde Jewel

Verde Jewel Ferrari 488 Pista

First seen on five cars used for the 70th anniversary livery 'The Green Jewel' in 2017, Verde Jewel is a bright shade of green inspired by the 1965 Ferrari 365 P2 of David Piper. Ferrari built just 6 units of this racing car, which was entered in the 1965 race season alongside the 275 P2 and 330 P2. One of them was acquired by long-time Ferrari customer team David Piper Racing. The car was painted in the characteristic green colour of the British team.

Photo: Tomáš Végh

Verde Kers Lucido

Verde Kers Lucido Ferrari 488 Pista

Another bright shade of green. This one is believed to be inspired by the matte finish of the Ferrari 599 HY KERS.

Photo: Gosia i Michał

Verde Masoni Opaco

Verde Masoni Opaco Ferrari F12tdf

Another very rare shade of green. To our knowledge, only three cars left the factory in this colour.

Photo: KSG Media

Verde Medio

Verde Medio Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Nico Decomis

Verde Medio Nijinsky

Verde Medio Nijinsky

Photo: RM Sotheby's

Verde Mugello

Verde Mugello Ferrari 456

Photo: Mathieu Bonnevie

Verde Nathalie

Verde Nathalie Ferrari 488 Pista

Recently featured on our website, Verde Nathalie came to life thanks to an American Pista owner who wanted something different.

Photo: Wylie Caudill

Verde Silverstone

Verde Silverstone Ferrari F355 GTS

Photo: Stradale Vintage Cars

Verde Scuro Metallico

Verde Scuro Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Photo: Theo Civitello

Verde Tracy

Verde Tracy Ferrari 488 Spider

Photo: Ferrari Kroymans

Verde Zeltweg

Verde Zeltweg Ferrari 488 Pista

Most likely named after the Austrian town Zeltweg. The Zeltweg Airfield was used as a racing circuit in the 1960s and hosted the Formula One Grand Prix in 1964.

Photo: Daniel Viliam Mazáč

If we have missed out on any shades, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Written by Max Lammers.


  • Włodek


    i think the verde scuro had 2 shades. The one from the Dino and later on Testarossa/348. You can see it on

    PS. Zeltweg was the airport, but later there was bulit a race track nearby. And since 1970 there are races there since. It was called Zeltweg, Oesterreichring, A1Ring, RedBullRing, Spielberg. But in Austria they call it all the time traditionally Zeltweg.

  • Jeff

    Verde Medio Nijinsky:

  • Max Lammers

    Thanks for your comment Bas. We will add it to the article very soon!

  • Bassdriver

    You’ve missed a particularly beautiful shade oif green named Verde Silverstone.

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